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Iron Maiden singer starts his own airline

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Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson, who became a commercial pilot 20 years ago, may soon front his very own airline, the Telegraph reports ( المزيد...

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Brian Lager 2
Not only an airline but, his own beer. Way to go Bruce. (Beer available soon in the UK and called Trooper)
ace005 2
I remember hearing about him wanting to restart up Astraeus or his own airline when Atraeus went down. Thanks for posting!
Nolan Middlemas 1
I doubt he will be successful. You cant just start your airline. I dont think it will stay up for long.
pfp217 1
If he has the means to give it a try, more power to him! I would imagine it would be a mostly charter airline much like Aestrus was, with only a couple aircraft.
josh homer 1
Now the band Rush needs a Canadian airline! I'd call it "YYZ Air!"
Groupies for FA's
bentwing60 1
Once again, the genesis of making a small fortune out of a large one.
Ken McIntyre 1
Years ago, when I was in the airline business, my boss told me that. LOL!

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