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Sherriff's Office Drone Crashes Into Lake Conroe, TX

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Friday morning, during training exercises with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Drone, something went wrong and it crashed into Lake Conroe. Divers from the Montgomery County Precinct 1 Dive Team spent much of the day searching the bottom of Lake Conroe for the almost $300,000 drone helicopter. ( المزيد...

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Cal Keegan 9
Jeez, I never sent my $500 quadcopter out over the lake that we are right next to because I didn't want some failure to cause me to lose the thing.

But that's because I was spending my own money instead of someone else's.
Chip Hermes 7
Citizens of Montgomery County should be on high alert tonight; the sheriff's office's ability to fight crime has been crippled after this tragic accident while they played with their helicopter over a lake. I mean, trained with it over the weekend.
Torsten Hoff 0
Typical sensationalism. The drone doesn't cost $300000, the entire system does. The helicopter can be replaced for a few thousand dollars. Even if they find it, it is probably a total loss due to water damage.
Daniel Baker 4
You're asserting that the drone part of the drone system is the least expensive part?
Torsten Hoff -3
$300,000 is the price of the SYSTEM, including training for the operators. The actual cost of the helicopter is probably a few thousand dollars, the most expensive component that was lost is probably the FLIR, which if it is good will cost upwards of $20,000.
Daniel Baker 4
So it's a few thousand dollars, plus $20K for FLIR, plus whatever other options? That's sounding like it's getting pretty expensive pretty quickly.

Too bad the expensive training didn't mention not flying it over large bodies of water.
Torsten Hoff 2
My point is that they didn't lose a $300,000 drone -- it is substantially less than that.
Chris Muncy 0
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$250K police drone crashes into Lake Conroe, Texas

Divers scoured the bottom of Lake Conroe in the hope of recovering a controversial $250,000 police drone that crashed into the water Friday.

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