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Construction mistake delays Las Vegas Tower Opening

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The Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed that an error during construction of McCarran International Airport’s $99 million, 352-foot FAA tower will delay the opening of the tower by one to two years, could cost millions of dollars to repair and is likely to result in lawsuits between the government, the contractor and the subcontractor. The tower was expected to be operational by 2015, but the FAA now says it won’t be able to use the facility until late 2016 or early 2017. ( المزيد...

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BeechSportBill 3
...Change orders, change orders, change orders - that is what KILLS government projects!
preacher1 3
Every major project will have change orders. Problem with this though, is that some else is footing the bill. Most government or public contracts don't have a "you screw it up, you fix it" clause.; Most are just "I screwed it up, you will pay me to unscrew it."
We got workers that know it's wrong and love it , so they do it, and inspectors who aren't smart enough to know its wrong. Is that about it? Same ol'e same ol'e.
sharon bias 2
Why people don't read the instructions:
mariofer 2
I thought only us MIA folks pay for control towers twice. See?? The folks in the US make mistakes too.
mariofer 2
Matt Hauke 1
This is what happens when you award the job to the lowest bidder.
preacher1 1
I doubt, considering the contact and all, that it was awarded to the lowest bidder. Well, it might have been lowest bid with all government strings attached
jmilleratp 1
How freakin' difficult is it to build a control tower?
preacher1 3
For what it's worth, I think this same bunch built MEM's new TRACON and tower a couple years ago and no known problems with it.
jmilleratp 2
Well, at least that tells us it can be done! I live in the Memphis area, and it's still standing.
preacher1 1
LOL, now, I did say "I THINK", as in meaning "Not sure"
Arthur Netteler 2
Apparently in America... IT IS DAMN HARD!!!
James Hodges 1
I am glad that the people who designed and built the towers won't be working ATC when they are finally finished. ATC guys and gals do a great job!!!
James Hodges 1
Obama has a crew of morons rotating from job to job messing things up. The only truly successful program's are the open border policy for disease bearing, uneducated , unskilled masses and the improvement of benefits for ladies (?) with several Bastard children !!!
Christopher Clark -4
Is this an example of the top notch imported manpower for America's "much needed" infrastructure rebuild? We Can't wait to drive over the new runways and highway bridges we so "desperately" need all this "skilled" labor to do for us. Never would have happened this way on my job.
mbv9415 5
This isn't probably the imported labor. #1, being a federal job requires that employees pass the E-verify system. #2, being an airport, based on the location of the tower and site access, SIDA is probably required. It is amazing what firms in my area don't even apply when the job is federal due to background checks.
I worked construction engineering for 9 years and airport law enforcement for 5. These are homegrown,and because it's Vegas, more than likely union contractors. There is more than enough blame to go around. The feds fill these sites with their own inspection staff, then hire third party firms for QA, then the contractor should be able to read the specs he bid on and the product application instructions.

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ChrisMD123 0
Other work of Chicago contractors.
preacher1 -7
Guess there's a bunch on here likes the way government pays double and triple and don't think the above mentioned solution is the way it works.
Arthur Netteler -1
What do you want to bet it was a "UNION SHOP" job site???? This is the 3rd time in 5 years that the same Contractor has made a HUGE mistake on an Airport Construction Project!!!
John Atherton -9
Union quality triumphs yet again....
s2v8377 6
It's not the union workers fault.
Karl Schneider 2
There is nothing wrong with unions that a little work ethic wouldn't fix.

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