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Passengers, airlines can't afford late 1st flight

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For years, Southwest was the most punctual of big U.S. airlines, so its tumble toward the bottom of government rankings for on-time arrivals was stunning. Southwest officials needed to fix an ill-fated decision to squeeze more flights into the schedule. This summer, they backed off by allowing more time between flights. And they told employees that the first flight of the day on every route had to leave on time. ( المزيد...

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Charles Mccurley 2
They need Herb to get back on track. Southwest was always on top when Herb was in charge.
Tim OLeary 1
Just wondering when the article mentioned "flight Aware" showing the SWA flight as being 'late"....What "time" is Flight Aware showing-wheels up time (Proposed off-time("P") time if the flight is not enroute but scheduled) or scheduled gate departure (out)time? (is the article comparing apples to oranges time-wise when it says schedule departure time"?) The SWA may have actually pushed on schedule but been 'delayed' in take-off...

Shawn Connelly 1
Um, it's the Denver Post reporting on this story?
sparkie624 1
Not surprised.. It was bound to happen...
ken young 1
It depends on what is considered "late"....I was under the impression and please correct if not accurate, that a flight that departs or arrives within 15 minutes of schedule, it is considered "on time"...
So, if a flight from say KEWR to KMIA has Depart 12 noon, Arrive 15:30 on the schedule and the actual Depart is 12:10 and Arrival at 3:44 it is "on time....
So using the SWA example of "9 to 28 mins late" their flights actually average 24 to 43 minutes late....
Thomas Henry Watkins 1
Not only is Herb missing but WN suffers from having gone "union"!
John Bomba 0
One thing is sure, I have never seen an airline crew or staff doing double time. Everyone stays in first gear no matter the timing. When I'm late, I hustle, walk faster, do things faster, drive a little faster. It's all about the company culture and airline culture is one of "no rush".
al Emmert 0
I worked for Continental at CLE and I can say I was proud to work there and for Continental. We always tried and, we often did double time to gdt flights out on time. We took pride in our work.
gene kwiecinski 2
A bit late in the reply, but yeah, it depends on corporate culture, or sometimes just the group in question (eg, a particular shift or crew).

Some crews just come to work to "do the job" and collect a paycheck, others take pride in their work and go that extra mile when needed.

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