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List of aircraft accidents and incidents intentionally caused by pilots

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On March 24, 2015, Germanwings flight 4U9525 crashed in France, supposedly following intentional actions by the copilot. All 150 passengers and crew were killed. The following is a list of airliner accidents and incidents assumed or rumored to have been caused by the a deliberate action of a pilot, compiled from the Aviation Safety Network files. General aviation aircraft are not included. ( المزيد...

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When traveling by airline a suicidal pilot is pretty low on my list of concerns. Ranks just after "do they stock Jack Daniels"?
btweston 1
...What in the hell does that mean?
I'm more concerned about beverage option than a suicidal pilot. My top concerns are weather and mx.
joel wiley 4
Nothing on the list between 1983-1993 and 2000-2012. List seems somewhat incomplete
skyhawkrg 2
Don't forget the events of 9/11/01. Those crashes were caused by a deliberate action of a pilot
David Barnes 1
I respectfully disagree. Those crashes were caused by the deliberate action of terrorists, not what I would consider pilots.
joel wiley 1
I think I understand your point. It is true that, unlike the FO on 4U9525, they were not accepted members of the aircrew <fraternity, guild, etc). They were however fully qualified to operate the aircraft within the limits of their 'mission' and did so with horrible effectiveness. They accomplished their mission which pilots in the more generally accepted view regularly do so by delivering their cargo - walk on or not.

I'd categorize 4u9525 as an act closer to but different from 9/11. Not a terrorist act because it did not include a goal of changing the behavior of a target population. Mass murder category works for me.
David Barnes 1
I'd substantially agree, however the actors in the 9-11 attacks were not the authorized crew of those aircraft. A certificated pilot sitting in the back is just a passenger and is not expected to operate the aircraft until and unless called upon by the flight crew (eg. UA232 as the most famous example).

9525 was a deliberate action as well, but was carried out by the "normal and rostered" crew for that flight.
Jason Feldman 1
agreed - but including 9/11 in a list of intentional aircraft crashes makes sense. You can't call them accidents either for that matter./
Frank Harvey 2
On 31st March 1977 the pilot of a Swiftair DC-3 enroute over Sanga Sanga, Philipines, shot dead 7 of the 34 passengers. Note 34 passengers on a DC-3 ! There was a crew of 6 on the flight. None of the crew were injured.
joel wiley 2
Frank Harvey 1
Thanks Joel

Sorry I got the crew fatalities wrong. I was looking at a page in a scrapbook from a 1978 Flight International magazine.
joel wiley 1
no prob- you just posted a teaser 8-)
michadm1 1
My gut feeling and no proof of course that other crashes that were contributed to mechanical error could have possibly been caused intentional by the pilot. Fl370 comes to mind, there might be more to that disappearance and we will never know.
El Kabong -1
So you're suppressing free speech? Are you a mod or something?
Pileits 0
Don't forget about the list of BUS accidents intentionally caused by drivers.
Randy Marco 1
Why the attitude for reporting facts about pilots? Pileits you obviously have some issues! This is FLIGHTAWARE not BUSaware!

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