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I saw where the F-35 gets one of its most classified features, and it's amazing

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Plane goes to the shop to get an expensive paint job ( المزيد...

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Ed Boock 1
This isn't your dad's Earl Scheib paint booth. When it takes three days to coat an aircraft, RAM takes on a new meaning. I doubt that much is revealed that an enemy doesn't already know. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that some of the statements made in this article is false.
Bernie20910 -1
Yeah, let's do a story, with pictures, of a "highly classified" process. Even with the story being cleared for publication, do we really NEED to give away this information?
Lewis Tripp 2
Agree 100% Bernie
ToddBaldwin3 1
There is nothing in that story that would enable any competitor to duplicate the process. It's interesting, especially for a technophile like me.
Bernie20910 1
Secrets are always given away whole. More often they're given away a tiny bit at a time. It's like a jigsaw puzzle, where you carefully collect all the pieces until you can understand the whole picture. Sure, nothing in the story gives away the WHOLE process, but how many tiny puzzle pieces does it give away?
Bernie20910 1
Ack... That's supposed to say, "Are NOT given away whole..."

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