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Delta to buy used Boeing 777 for just $7.7 million

As a point of comparison, Boeing’s list price for a new 777-200ER is $277.3 million, meaning Delta is buying a used 777 at a price 97.2% lower than the value of a new 777. ( More...

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dbaker 14
Yes, things become less valuable as they age and have lots of wear and tear on them. You can also get a >20 year old taxi for 3% of the price of the MSRP in the 1990s.

It's not surprising that you can get a 1990s 777 with ~100,000 hours on it for pennies on the dollar.
Mark Duell 11
Also it needs a D check and a new interior, which will run $30-40MM.
Mark Brown 0
Given her age, major overhauls are going to be absolutely necessary and avionics! There is a big bunch of dough needed for more than overhaul, I see complete rebuild. I don't really know how much they are going to be spending to get this aircraft back into top airworthiness but you will have, essentialy, a brand new plane for pennies on the dollars, not to even the time frame from order date to delivery date. If this is a true sound, useable airframe the airline is going to way ahead of the game in terms of time and cost. There is no double that has had top engineers crawling all over this cigar tube with note pad and calculator. Seems like they came out with some pretty good news. I am, among other things, an old car buff, old fire truck buff, basically an old anything buff. We have a solid frame and superstructure here that can be totally renewed. I would have problem flying this bird when it is back on flight status.
lvenable 2
Probably more like quarters on the dollar, but still a deal if the airframe is sound.
joel wiley 11
The fair market value of any object is the amount upon which the buyer and seller agree in the exchange. Are engines and avionics included in the price?
chalet 1
Sorry but you got confused with Lockheed recent pricing criteria for the last F-35 blocks, remember "$ 80 million MINUS engines" (LIMAO)
Doug Herman 9
With care and maintenance, old airplanes seem to live nearly forever. Look at the DC-10 fleet at FedEx and UPS. Late at night in Memphis and Louisville, you can't see the moon for all the DC-10s filling the sky.
dc3orbust 6
Jokes on everyone, my bet is that he bought a 1/10 scale model to have in his building's lobby.
Mark Brown 3
Now the secrets out. Why did you spill the beans?
Anderson is as sharp as anybody in the business.....and so what if he puts $40 mil into it....he has the facilities to refurb most of it in house cheaper than most.....DL specializes in this stuff and makes billions off of it.........he's laughing all the way to the bank.
Mike Boote 5
I'd be interested to know if they are buying this plane with the intent to fly it, or use it for parts.
mobilken 3
7.7 M and another 10 to 15 M to refer from the desert?
Jim Ries 2
Hey... You get what you pay for it.
joel wiley 2
I wonder if this particular purchase is part of something else, like
Great for the american worker,s. If they do this in house. It's a win win.
ian macleod 2
My guess is that used 777 is coming off lease from Emirates or Etihad and is no more than 5 years old.
They seem to have an appetite for brand new airplanes that is fulfilled by their government owners.
Remember also that Delta is the 3rd largest airline MRO in the world. So ALL the work will be done in house at considerably cheaper rates.
patrick baker 2
no one ever buys a performing asset at that type of discount, unless there are millions of dollars of renovation in the cards. Lets hold off on the headline until the repair bill is calculated and paid, and the aircraft then enters revenue service. Bet they got $48 million in it by then.
Don't think this is a new tactic for them. I believe Delta had cornered the market in used L-1011s back in the day and at one point they were the worlds largest L1011 operator.
Larry Bass 1
Yep, back in the 80's I rode on one of those L10's from ATL to HNL - direct - and the overhead bins were shaking, rattling, & rolling ... but, it was a non-rev flight (worked for PI Commuter at the time) and an anniversary trip for my wife - so, I can't complain too loudly.
Alden Sewell 1
They were , the l- 10 was a great airplane for us .( acrft. Insp. Ret.) Great a/crft to work on ,except the heat x's
Dubslow 1
He's definitely making everyone else look the fool. I'm quite curious as to which 772E is being sold for 7.7M...
Maybe the one that BA landed short of the LHR runway :)
Matt Kladder 6
Or the one sitting in LAS right now half burned. The same one BA just said will fly again.. Coincidence? I think NOT! Haha
matt jensen 1
Wasn't this discussed last month? Boeing claiming their 20 yr old jets are worth far more, even to the point of telling DAL they'd buy them back?
And another 40 million to update it
Bernie20910 1
Time to fan the conspiracy folks...

Malaysia Airlines loses (MH370) a 777 that can't be found, even after the most extensive air/sea/land hunt of the last 50 years, at least, and now suddenly Delta gets a real, pennies-on-the-dollar, bargain on a used 777?
joel wiley 1
Are you thinking Delta's with saltwater damage and flapperon missing?
Bernie20910 3
Me? No, not me. But I'm sure quite a few of the conspiracy types are.

Does it have one flaperon that looks newer than everything else?
Otniel Ocampo 1
Boeing 777!!!! The Volvo of the Sky!!!
lvenable 1
Having a tail number would end a lot of speculation.
ian macleod 1
ko25701 1
Delta has the oldest fleet for a reason.
Alden Sewell 1
Yes, prime maint.
Let's not forget both the engineering design and production genius that went into building that airplane...maybe more than a million people have safely travelled through all kinds of adverse WX due to the expertise of Boeing engineers. Just my perspective!


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