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Dusty takeoff by a C-5 Galaxy from MSSS

Witness a spellbinding takeoff of one of the largest military aircraft in the world, the majestic C-5, from Ilopango Airport (MSSS), El Salvador. Watch – and listen – in anticipation as the C-5’s engines build up to 43,000 pounds of thrust and the largest aircraft in the United States Air Force inventory soars into the air amidst billowing clouds, an impressive display of the enormous C-5’s STOL capacity, with a smooth takeoff from Ilopango’s 7300ft runway. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 4
Can you imagine what a landing with full thrust reversers must look like on that runway? :O
bentwing60 3
Can you imagine what the cost would be for the FOD?
linbb 1
Ever check out the engine size of the Vodka liner 225? They are much smaller and more of them than the C5.

Ryan Hodges -2
Now strapped 4 777 engines to it and see what happens.
The wings cannot support that kind of weight or thrust. The CF6 engines on the M model are more than enough. Aircraft are not car's you can't just keep adding power and get usable gains.


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