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Airplane cell phone calls won’t be allowed in US any time soon

A 2013 proposal to allow cell phone calls during airplane flights will be thrown out by the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC prohibited in-flight phone calls in 1991 because of concerns about interference with wireless networks on the ground. Advances in technology have eliminated those concerns, but tech hasn't changed the fact that in-flight phone calls could be annoying to fellow passengers. ( More...

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canuck44 15
About now United will be wishing cell phones were all banned from aircraft.
Lol. Maybe start by banning cameras (all types) to protect their "customers "privacy.
joel wiley 2
and cover their owner equity.
You got it.
sparkie624 1
Yeah... Everyone always hoping to catch someone screwing up and then throw things out of proportion...
That's for sure. Regardless of who is in the right, all I got from the video is someone too dumb to understand you aren't going to win against several officers by disobeying them. You are getting off the plane.
rmchambers 3
But he will win, and the video and the other passengers reactions will help him. The biggest customer relations flub of the year and we aren't out of April yet. The other airlines are watching this carefully and likely making sure such a thing NEVER happens on one of their flights.

I'd risk a bloody nose for the millions this guy will get.
Don't count on it. Remember, it's the cops drug his ass, not the airline.
Slomojo2005 6
Airline is ultimately responsible for this brutal act. I am sure the "cops" didn't just show up on their own.
Tom Zaidman 1
The captain is the highest authority in the air. On the ground maybe, don't know the regulations that govern airplanes still connected to ground facilities.
Not really. They don't tell cops what to do. We'll see.
Robert Huff 3
all this for unpaid tax write-off crew seats!
He will win and United plus the cop will lose.
Patent abuse of power by all involved with no respect for human rights.
scott8733 2
....and the 'post of the day' award goes to:

Canuck44 with the zinger!!!!
Torsten Hoff 1
Ta-dum tsssshh!
gibby0816 0
So true #smartphones #technology
indy2001 11
Thank God. But I can hardly believe it -- a government official made a decision that is based on common sense!
Marc Bechtol 0
A government official blocked your ability to communicate because it doesn't serve the public interest.
PaulN2719 5
"Could be annoying"? Why don't the regulators sit next to someone who won't get off the phone on a six-hour cross country flight first before saying this "could" be annoying. Quite honestly, I would probably never fly again if faced with that prospect.
ToddBaldwin3 4
ADXbear 4
Thank goodness, thereis enough stress onthese planes without hearing others toliet schedules with their bff..
There used to be a "smoking section" on flights.

Today, maybe a "cellphone section" is needed, where users can annoy one other. ;)
sparkie624 1
I like that idea! Put them all in an enclosed area and blocked off from the rest so that we can not hear them...
Don't forget to charge extra too.
James Howard 3
I remember a flight in the early 90s on one of the DC to La Guardia shuttles when a loud guy in a suit got on the plane talking on his cell phone, sat down next to me, said "hold on, I need to switch phones" and grabbed the GTE Airphone in the center seat. He talked on that thing the entire flight, and as soon as he could at the other end, he switched back to the cell phone. It was very annoying. I think that was the only time I ever saw someone use one of those phones.
sparkie624 3
Thank Good.. Good to hear... I do not want be sitting around someone on the phone all that time... that is BS.
Slomojo2005 2
It's the annoyance factor rather than flight safety that is more relevant now that we have already determined that cells don't impact flights. Can you imagine sitting next to someone yapping on their cellphone for hours? Would want to make you throw them off airplane!
Robert Huff 2
This kinda follows along the same lines as "child-free" zones, and now "phone-free" zones.
Guessing the next will be "paying-passenger-free" zones.
Taylor Jones 2
Good. I still think all the "interference" concerns are mostly malarkey. Planes regularly have 150-300 people on them every trip, and we all know that none of us go to airplane mode until we're lifting off and the cell signal cuts out at a few hundred feet. If those 150-300 phone signals aren't messing with the systems on the ground, they're not going to mess with them in flight. And how many of us have sat next to a passenger whose phone gets a half dozen alerts on short final as you cross the runway threshold and touchdown, and they look a bit startled because they forgot they didn't even turn on airplane mode? Leaving their phone on didn't crash the plane. And I always used to roll my eyes a bit when the speech was given about "phones must be placed in airplane mode when the cabin door is closed," as if that small opening somehow prevented cell signals from doign anything heinous. I digress, but the reason is because I'm glad steps are being taken to finally approve the use of PEDs onboard. Using onboard wifi networks to stream the Airline's media library, being able to browse and work online, and send messages to whomever are all good things. Talking on the phone, however, is not. It's bad enough when you're seated near a chatty passenger or crying child, because even noise canceling headphones don't block that. I'm not envisioning 100 people on their phones simultaneously, but I'm envisioning ringtones going off all the time, people who always answer the phones, people who get bored and call someone, etc etc etc. This should be the one thing you can't do on your phone on a plane.
Highflyer1950 8
Good point, however it's not the receiving that's in question, rather the sending output. Once in the air and high enough all cell phones will power up to max strength looking for cell tower to connect with. While it's true that aircraft FM immunity has come a long way there are still concerns on all electronic equipment that can transmit signals, especially the cheaper, knock-off tablets, phones, laptops etc. Most quality equipment is properly shielded and has no effect.
Jim Lynch 1
Not to mention that if you are in an airplane or a subway train with no signal available, the cellphone goes into maximum transmit mode searching for that cell connection, and if that goes on long enough a person is subject to radiation burns if the phone is next to the skin - as in a pants or shirt pocket.

I do understand there are some people who challenge everything and everybody (mostly Americans), maybe this is one way of ridding ourselves of their annoying presences.
sparkie624 1
I remember a long time ago, I used to use my laptop and headphones to Watch "Air Crash Investigation" ... Great program... Fun to watch on a plane LOL! :)
Jim DeTour 1
For awhile in the 90's seat backs had phones you could swipe your credit card in to make calls.
DanWardlaw 1
I'm happy to hear this. I've been on a flight where one woman was constantly yaking to her friend. Although I think her friend was annoyed as well keep those type of people off an enclosed space. Cell phones would be more annoying.
rmchambers 1


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