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Operation Migration - In Search of Generous Pilots

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The Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada is able to raise three or four parent-reared Whooping crane chicks this year, but getting into the U.S. is problematic. A number of Ports-of-Entry along the US/Canada border are able to process live animals imported into America but they normally deal with livestock transported by trucks or trains. The closest Port-of-Entry at an airport is in Chicago, but the only commercial aircraft flying between Calgary and Chicago does not have cargo doors to its… ( المزيد...

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Jo-Anne Bellemer 12
Many thanks, FlightAware, for sharing our story and our plea for assistance from the aviation community! If anyone out there can help or has questions, please contact Joe Duff (pilot and CEO of Operation Migration) at
Philip Mitchell 11
Check w. FedEx Calgary if they can help. They use a cargo B757 YYC-MEM.
They move wildlife on an exception basis and even donate the shipping fora worthy cause.
Jo-Anne Bellemer 5
Thank you for that tip, Philip! We'll check it out.
Jim DeTour 2
There might also be military training flights. Sometimes the militaries appreciate getting a chance for news that appeals to the public. Might even have a wider choice of entry points into military fields. Military also flys into commercial fields during training.
Jim Nasby 2
Give Chicago Skydiving Center and Skydive Chicago calls. I kinda doubt they can entirely cover the cost but they at least have aircraft that will handle the mission.

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