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Air Force One's permanent shadow: Inside the E-4B 'Doomsday' 747 plane that follows the US President around the world in case of nuclear war

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This article was posted in May But is a really interesting story about the president's doomsday plane not posted here before so i thought I,d post it. Article description E-4B 'Nightwatch' planes have been in operation since the 1970s They follow Air Force One when the US President travels abroad and one is kept constantly running 24 hours a day when he is in the US They are also called 'Doomsday' planes and are outfitted as military command centers in the case of… ( المزيد...

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James Weatherly 4
Check out this video on the E4
Jason Belanger 1
Thanks for the link sir, and for your service. Fascinating footage and story.
nsarkhosh 1
Nice old pictures, but doesn't look anything like that anymore. Still nice to look at them, thank you.
dbkoob 1
The video which this article was taken is 4 years old. So it probably still does
BigTuna 1
My cousin was assigned to fly E-4Bs for several years. Whenever thunderstorms approached Offutt they would load up and fly as far as necessary to ensure that the planes were never hit by lightning.
Michael Lewis 1
Kept running, as in APU and/or engines at idle?
yatesd 3
They actually keep one engine running all the time as the APU apparently doesn't provide enough power to keep all the onboard systems operational. When I was in the Air Force we often used to host the E-4 Nightwatch missions at Dyess AFB and one of the requirements was that we had to provide a garden hose attached to a water hose bib that attached to the aircraft and supplied water to a supplemental cooling system for the aircraft to keep everything from overheating. Pretty weird...I know. There were a few times that due to bad weather in the central US that we had as many as all four E4s on our ramp at the same time and the crews would all be in our alert facility.
tim mitchell 1
I saw that too...That's a lot of hours.
zx zczc 1
True, lots of ambiguity there...
turbo dog 0
Part of the elaborate system that mirrors the Hollywood bunkers shown in movies like T3 Rise of Machines or Resident Evil
turbo dog 0
Steve Hoker -2
Wrong on so many facts, this Aircraft Supports the Def SEC of the US.there are currently 3, 1 has been mothballed in AZ. They are all former US Airline Passenger Aircraft.
"kept with the Engine Running 24 hours A day" wrong, they are keep on stand by, with an hour notice or less, can be Airbourne.
Written by a Non Airline or non Airplane person.
Hey UK, gets your facts correct before you take a shot at writing about the US Military.
Mike Risney 1
Try again....
At least 2 of the airframes were slated for commercial use, that deal did not pan out.
They were then converted for this use prior to being completed for commercial use.

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