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Orlando International Airport TSA Agent Caught Stealing Cash From Woman’s Luggage

As if airport security wasn’t stressful enough, an airline passenger in Florida has had to confront a TSA officer who tried to steal money from her luggage. ( More...

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ken young 6
I had an inkling something like this was going to become commonplace. TSA hires untrained, uneducated people with no law enforcement or investigative experience
What did the DHS expect? DHS gave these people an incredible amount of power and a wide latitude of discretion. And as anyone knows, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
BTW, it appears that DHS is using affirmative action quotas in their hiring.
btweston 8
Why does the TSA exist again? I'm pretty sure we had airport security before 9/11. Then they made up this redundant federal agency which employs less qualified and lower paid people to do a job that has supposedly become more serious. Brilliant.

The TSA is so remarkably bad at its job that it would be a waste of time to try and recall every egregious security breach or instance of theft or groping.

Yes, this particular TSA employee did a very bad thing. Add it to the list, and have a nice flight.
joncon25 4
My wife has 2 artificial hips and after going through the x-ray device, she still has to be "wanded" and patted down. I always proceed her so that I can reclaim our scanned items including her purse, while she waits for a female TSA agent. Now, I am also patted down EVERY time we fly. We are both detained before either can claim our scanned items sitting at the end of the conveyor. We are both 80 and statistics show that the elderly are considered easy targets for theft, so we have to be extra diligent. We will only fly if it is an emergency.
Bernie20910 2
My wife has two knee replacements AND is a federal officer and goes through the same thing. I get it now too, ever since we got married, and like you, the only way anyone is getting us to fly commercial again is if it's a dire emergency. Between the TSA and the way passengers are treated by the airlines these days, it's just not worth it. We'd rather drive and get there in a few days, or take the train.
Beberle1 4
That must be breaking a Federal law. Jail time would send the correct message to TSA employees...
Ken Strite 4
My wife once had a can of Diet Coke in her luggage and when she arrived in Orlando either an airline employee or TSA had deliberately and obviously run a screwdriver through the can while it was still in the bag. Minor inconvenience but still a violation of trust.
Paul Smith 4
I once had a box of my girlfriends favorite candy in my checked bag. When I got home, the wrapping paper was removed and EVERY piece of candy was smashed. Some TSA agents do not respect other people's property.
rafuzo 4
The newsworthy element was the fact that the agent was terminated. Misconduct by the TSA is about as normal as speeding at the Indy 500.
matt jensen 5
Should be fired on the spot
David Barnes 13
He was:

“The TSA immediately reported the allegation to [the Orlando Police Department] and we aggressively investigated the incident with our law enforcement partner,” the TSA wrote in a statement obtained by WFTV. “TSA officers represent a professional and honorable workforce that is trained to treat passengers and their personal belongings with care and respect. No exceptions will be tolerated. We immediately ended the federal career of this individual.”
Doreen Moisey 2
I certainly hope so.!
Who can we trust anymore??
Better put them all on camera.
Torsten Hoff 7

This probably wasn't the first time, and surely won't be the last if the agent isn't terminated.
Bernie20910 7
And turned over to a crowd of frustrated business travelers.
pilotjag 0
I would be upset if he wasn't fired on the spot. They should make an example out of this fool. Hopefully this will show others that this type of incident is taken very seriously. I still don't understand what would make this agent do that though
bbabis 5
Lack of morals and opportunity.
Bernie20910 2
Want to keep TSA out of your luggage unless you are present? Fly with a checked firearm in your locked (and a non-TSA compliant lock) bag.
Most experienced travellers realize that violations of both Federal and Airline rules and regulations occur frequently and daily at both Orlando International and Miami Internation Airfport. Any agent for the TSA or Law Enforcement or Airline Security can remove their uniform, stand by the counter and observe egregious violation of the Law and Airline policies on a daily basis. Your personal security as well as our National Security is at risk. Traveller Beware.
Richard Loven 2
It's always hard to get good help. Most security ( rent a cop ) jobs are "High End Menial". It's the luck of the draw. When you are hired they place you where they are short that day. Could be the Rest Room Orderly or checking people/luggage at the Airport. Some are good, however you can't expect too much from most of them.
patrick baker 3
there is nothing special about being a TSA agent in this instance. Just run the judicial process , run the job termination process, and take out the trash. You can not easily test for integrity, but given the salary of these agents, does this or even worse actions seem that remarkable? No excuses- out the door, and show up for your court date, and bring a toothbrush.
Ken Strite 7
There IS something special about this case. This is a violation of the public trust and the infraction should have much more serious consequences than a straight theft prosecution. Government employees have been and should be held to a higher standard specifically because of that element of "Public Trust".

[This poster has been suspended.]

Paul Smith 1
Well, since he is a member of a certain ethnic group that would be considered a lynching.
joel wiley 1
I believe lynching is race neutral. Horsethieves were lynched regardless of race, color or creed.
as with any job/position,there are tests,screenings and interviews, and you will get both good and bad people,because some are just better at doing a resume or being interviewed (and they all must past security screenings themselves)..when tsa first came into existence, there were a ton of applicants,and the majority of new hires I saw were ex airline employees,retirees and some ex policemen or military (they do not carry a firearm) time went by, there seemed to be a more diverse group and a lot of younger people, both male and female..yes, there were and still are some who might abuse the position,but I saw them on a daily basis,and most just did their job as they were trained to do..i might also add that on occasion,airline employees have been fired for stealing items from baggage that is checked and does not go through the tsa line, but only the loaded baggage x ray machine..
joel wiley 1
"Security footage from the checkpoint later determined that Johnson did indeed extract the cash from Duddleston’s bag and stuff it into his pocket... The TSA has since released a statement reiterating its “zero tolerance policy for misconduct.”

If they have a zero tolerance policy, why are they not reviewing their own security tapes for staff violations?
Doreen Moisey 1
Soo we are not secure from the TSA staff Not Good!!👎🏻👎🏻😳
bbabis 3
We never were and never will be. This lady had her SA antennas up, as we all should when at the airport, and was able to prevent the theft. The culprit was probably successful many times in the past as sheeples moved through the gate.
Wally Colbert 0
Indeed another overpaid Idiot
btweston 2
The problem is that they're not paid enough, so idiots are the only ones who will take the job.
Fifty to a hundred and fourteen thousand is not enough?


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