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Pilots Can Be Grounded at 65 as EU Judges Put Safety First

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A Deutsche Lufthansa AG pilot who was grounded when he turned 65 lost his age-discrimination fight at the European Union’s top court, which said EU legislation imposing the limit is justified for safety reasons. ( المزيد...

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Lee Withers 2
Unless I'm behind the times the U.S. has had this same age limitation now. It used to be 60 was the age limit for commercial pilots. And like the EU, there is no age limit for private pilots. All that is necessary is to keep passing the physicals.
Victor Engel 1
I recall (from a family member applying) that the age limit on starting air traffic control training is 30 years old. That seems a lot more strict than the 65 year limit for a pilot. I realize one is the start of a career and the other is the end.
Matt Collins 1
There used to be a max age for ATC of 56. Don't know if it's still in place
Gerrit K Spieker 0
One more reason the EU needs to go.
Tim Marks 0
So the Euro courts can determine without question that someone who turns 65 is a safety hazard in the cockpit of an aircraft? Really?!? I know of pilots in their 70s who can out fly people have their age and they are far from being a safety risk. Next step in Euroland is to take drivers licenses away at 65 because you are potentially a hazard to other drivers on the road. The ultimate step is to determine a person reaching this age has served their useful purpose in life. If this person were to have a serious health problem, then they do not receive treatment since their time is up according to the courts. The elitest liberal governments in Europe are already setting the stage to determine your freedoms and choices - and if you have been determined to be a public hazard based on your age. I can understand the logic behind England wanting to leave this semi-communist government organization.
Will Butcher 0
Get a life Mr Marks, either that or get back on your meds. We have the exact same rule in the "semi-communist" USA! Being 80 myself I am very sensitive to ageism in any form, however your little diatribe is just a bit over the mark!
Lee Withers 2
Amen Will. You said what I was going to write. Marks is too full of political balooney.
Lee Withers 1
I did do a little research and most all of the European nations have had the 65 year rule in place since 2015,relaxing the 60 year rule. It appears that they now have made it as a EU rule. Note: we changed the rule here in 2009 relaxing the ol 60 rule.

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