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Icelandair to decide between Boeing 797 and Airbus A321XLR for replacement of its Boeing 757s

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Reykjavik - Icelandair plans to continue to operate its Boeing 757s in the upcoming years as well, but a successor must be considered according to airline CEO Bogi Nils Bogasson who spoke to Dutch aviation magazine ( المزيد...

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matt jensen 2
I don't generally chime in, but in this case go with AB
william baker 1
Why go with airbus. Yes Boeing is having a bad time recently but maybe they will pull out and get back in track. The 797 sounds like a beautiful aircraft. I would let them choose and make there own decisions but don’t count someone out just because of the rough road there on. Sometimes those companies come out on top.
btweston 1

And *they’re
william baker 0
What is this english class lol.
Life is English class for the anglophones among us.
william baker 2
Akā, ke'ōlelo nei au i ka'ōlelo Hawaiʻi aʻaʻole ka'ōlelo Pelekania
Cade Emtage 2
That is if, the Boeing 797 is launched :)
Christian Parada 1
So they have a choice between a plane that can already be made and a plane that hasn't even been officially announced yet?

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