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52 years ago yesterday....Tenerife airport disaster

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42 years ago yesterday, the Tenerife airport disaster occurred in Los Rodeos costing the lives of 583 people when two 747's collided on a runway. All on board the KLM flight were killed and 61 out of the 390 on board the PanAm flight survived. ( المزيد...

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bbabis 7
The perfect storm of an event chain. May it never happen again.
Walcar Caballero 4
52 or 42 ??
Randall Zehnder 2
sparkie624 2
Was certainly a sad event - We learned much from that... Probably the early birth of CRM
Really a sad day for flighthistory... 🙏😢
pawsnursery47 0
Timothy McDonnell 2
I think he meant 42
william baker 3
The accident happen 42 years ago on March 22, 1977 at 17:06 pm local time between KLM flight 4805 tail number PH-BUF and Pan Am flight N736PA. The accident killed a total of 583 people in both planes with a total of 61 injured with all of those survivors from the Pan Am flight.
Cade Emtage 1
Yep, sorry, 42! An awful accident though!
william baker -7
The lKLM pilot was suffering from Get-There-Itis. Lol
17dec1903 4
How is this an LOL moment? 583 people died.
william baker 2
Ya I know this it was a terrible accident. I was trying to make a joke about Get-There-Itis. Not about the passengers dieing.
sharon bias 4
His comment is not funny, but there is truth in it. The push by airline companies to get good on-time ratings is still very present. In the battle between faster and safer, faster usually wins. The 737Max fiasco shows getting planes out the door is more important than making sure they're safe for crew and passengers.
Allen Churchwell 4
the KLM pilot was THEIR CHIEF PILOT AND KNOWN TO BE ARROGANT SO MUCH SO the first officer told him they had not received their clearance but did not challenge him. This had to do with the cockpit culture at KLM and nothing else.
william baker -6
Please change that to KLM lol

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Allen Churchwell 5
sick joke! get a life
Leo Aubry 4
Real sick.
sparkie624 3
Not Funny, Bad Joke...

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