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Boeing's troubled jet is costing $1 billion to fix so far

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Boeing is already estimating a $1 billion increase in costs related to its troubled 737 Max and has pulled its forecast of 2019 earnings because of uncertainty surrounding the jetliner, which remains grounded after two crashes that killed 346 people. The $1 billion figure is a conservative starting point. It covers increased production costs over the next few years but does not include the company's spending to fix software implicated in the crashes, additional pilot training, payments to… ( المزيد...

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Allan Bowman 6
The CEO, the COO, the CFO and the entire board of directors ought to be held liable. They had to be aware of the issues and ordered and/or approved the shortcuts and "fixes" that created this dangerous aircraft. Don't hold your breath however for them to be held responsible.
Scott Campbell 3
Imagine the savings now - with an all new single Aisle, carbon fiber based that would trounce everything, would've covered the 37 8,9,10, and 57
lecompte2 3
And it cannot be fixed to be a safe airplane, simple it has many other problems of bad design.
ADXbear 3
Like the Mastercard commercial, honesty and integrity is priceless!

The cost is just starting to mount!
Larry White -2
It's not over till the fat b×××h sings.
indy2001 2
I love how the Airbus fanboys post every bit of anti-Boeing dirt they can find.
lecompte2 1
It's easy to be an Airbus fanboy when you have flown both for years.
Adarsh Rai 2
The CEO's still walking free..... I'm re-checking the meaning of culpable homicide.
john kilcher 1
Oh, brother, go away!
bob elmar 0
So where the F is the reaction in the share price?
Dale Ballok 0
....cost of doing business!
Problem is, they're dealing with people's lives.

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