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FAA’s Boeing-Biased Officials: Recuse Yourselves or Resign

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"Boeing is used to getting its way. Its grip on Congress—where 300 members take campaign cash from Boeing—is legendary." ( المزيد...

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Jim DeTour 5
Ralph Nader has a long history of improving safety for American's. I wouldn't criticize him for talking his mind with anyone especially after losing his niece to a horrible accident. Try replacing his niece with one of your own loved ones before turning an opinion into typing.
I'd want revenge, too. We all would.
indy2001 2
Where do you dig up this garbage? Common Dreams is about as far-left as you can get, and you're posting an opinion piece from them, and by Ralph Nader to boot?
Brad Littlejohn 1
IIRC, Ralph Nader's niece died in ETH601. He has a fair point.
Brad Littlejohn 2
correction.. ETH610, not ETH601. Nor does it take away the fact of what is posted is true. But again, let's not let that get in the way of a partisan circle jerk.
Of course by fair you mean you agree and nothing more.... because his not disclosing a personal connection to the story is the very definition of unfair. And he's complaining about bias. That's ripe.

Double standards are ok if it's for a good cause.

"...the notorious prone-to-stall Boeing 737 MAX"

And lying is ok if it's for a good cause.

Brad Littlejohn 3
It's already been common knowledge that his niece was on the flight. Hell, it was even SQUAWKED here, and 2 *months ago* at that.

Again, Boeing doesn't have room to talk with regards to double standards, especially after complaining about EADS and Europe. You can't complain about one company getting those subsidies and deals from the government when your own company is doing the same bloody thing.

Double standards and hypocrisy right there.
Your definition of full disclosure is a joke, you know that? Flightaware squawks have nothing to do with it.

Leaving it out is dishonest by any reasonable standard.

I'm not Boeing. I never mentioned the word subsidies. Focus.
Brad Littlejohn 1
I never said that YOU said that. You are taking the word "you" as to personally be yourself, instead of in general, as the context shows, especially in conjunction with linbb's useless post below.

That squawk has EVERYTHING to do with this. You're claiming that Nader never disclosed that his grandniece was on a B38M flight. That squawk proves that he did disclose that. It was disclosed, and it isn't our fault you failed to see that. He never left anything out on that, because he didn't have to disclose again what he already disclosed 2 months prior to that article.

Instead of blasting him for what you perceive is dishonesty, how about doing some research to be sure that you aren't about to spout off a baseless claim.
lynx318 2
The rot is deep and substantial pruning is needed...everywhere.
stratofan 2
I truly relish the Boeing bashers that do not fact check before bomb throwing. Oil & Gas companies, and pharmaceutical companies contribute far more than any other entity in this country. B. Littlejohn is correct in his observation about subsidies from five gov'ts in the EU for Airbus Industries. Talk about a flying carpet, there you go!

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Brad Littlejohn 7
This, coming from a person that supported a company that complained about the very same type of subsidizing happening with EADS and the EU.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

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