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Boeing doesn't expect to fly the 777X before 2020

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Chicago, Illinois - The first flight of the Boeing 777X is delayed until early 2020 due to a technical problem with the GE9X engines that will power the aircraft. Boeing announced the delay during the presentation of its quarterly results today, July 24. The company was initially planning to carry out the first flight of its new widebody jet in June. Boeing still targets to deliver the first plane to the launch customer Emirates Airlines by the end of 2020. But according to the manufacturer,… ( المزيد...

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SamArnold 6
Boeing need to quit this monopoly of General Electric propulsion, and return to the past where we regularly saw 3 engine manufacturers supplying the aircraft.
This meant that despite one MFR having a setback, the other 2 will continue to be delivered on time.
I don't know what benefit this is to Boeing, placing all their eggs in one basket, and quite often GE have dropped broken the eggs!
Arthur Muldowney 4
Given the number of misfires that Boeing has experienced, it’s amazing that their top management team is still employed there. Their incompetence had been staggering.
ron baird 2
Top managers manage the entire company. They ultimately are where the buck stops or the ax falls. As an American, I hate to see Boeing in the difficulties it is in and those coming down the line...
But, the responsibility for EVERYTHING that has gone wrong or been revealed in recent months resides with Boeing's top management.
I am surprised the Board of Directors are pussyfooting around the problems. Not good for a public company...
Philip Lanum 1
I'm curious, how do issues with GE9X engines have anything to do with Boeing Managers? Boeing is the customer this time around, Boeing Management has nothing to do with design issues with GE engines. Or are you just another anti-Boeing troll?
Mike Looney 3
As customers, Boeing management gets to choose where to buy. Limiting those choices as a matter of policy appears not to have worked out for them.
Craig Weis 2
Lets GE weed through all the engine problems and continue to build bullet-proof powerplants. Give them time.
Robert Jennings 1
Just another bird strike for Boeing.
patrickmalone 0
Not much of an article, blurb on the engine then talks about the 737 Max. Waste of article space.

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