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Rename Boeing’s 737 MAX? Airlines Already Aren’t Using ‘MAX’ Prominently

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The aircraft in question was from Xiamen Airlines, which has not applied “MAX” markings since taking delivery of its inaugural MAX in May 2018, a half year before the first MAX crash. ( المزيد...

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ImperialEagle 6
Oh yeah.
The Electra became the L-188, Super Electra or just prop-jet.
The DC-10 became ANYTHING other than a DC-10.
Because of the DC-10, the L-1011's became ANYTHING that did not relate to the number Ten.
The general public wouldn't know a MAX if they fell on one.

The name will probably disappear on everything but the evac. cards in the seat backs. Not enough of the public ever looks at them, anyway.
dee9bee 3
+1. Generally speaking, the public has a short memory span. Unlike the case with the L-188 and DC10, we have this thing now called "social media", so I may be wrong.
Greg S 1
"The general public wouldn't know a MAX if they fell on one."

In Renton, plane fall on YOU!
Peter Fuller 1
“The DC-10 became ANYTHING other than a DC-10.”
American Airlines’ DC-10s originally sported markings reading “DC10 LuxuryLiner”. After the DC-10 troubles this was changed to “American Airlines LuxuryLiner”.
aurodoc 2
I am all for changing the name. It's kind of a blah name anyway. Max what? Maximum range, maximum number of seats, maximum fatalities? The name just leaves a bad taste in ones mouth so change it to something more aesthetic like the 737 neo. (Oops sorry-already taken). Other companies like Phillip Morris got such a bad wrap being associated with lung cancer they changed their name to Altria and no one thinks about them anymore.

Makeover is probably a good idea from marketing prospective.
Edward Bardes 3
I think Boeing is calling it the MAX to convey the message of "These are the maximum modifications we're making to the 737; if you want a better plane for similar purposes, let us build a brand new airplane.".
Greg S 2
They should consider replacing the engines with CFM56's and calling it the 737 "NG". Has a nice ring to it, don't you agree?
Andrew Bain 2
they can call it what they like I still will not fly on it.
Chris B 1
Ryanair hasn't got their Max's yet but they are renamed 737-8200.

This happened over five months ago. Its probably happened to all the others while in storage.
Peter Fuller 2
In the MAX lineup, the 737-8200 is a variant of the 737-8, with two additional doors so Ryanair can legally pack 200 passengers into the thing. Sounds like a dreadful experience, whatever they call it.
Greg S 1
Latin names always sound sophisticated. Perhaps the 737 Ruina would be a winner.
Change it to anything you want, .... and the media will report it and remind the people what it was and is and will be and, like Mr. Bain says, the public will scorn it and it will become a PR nightmare. Scrap the plane and take the write off. It has a bad name and bad reputation and it will only bring bad results if you try and build it, or fly it, or promote it.
Don Quixote -1
Another dumb article
Greg S 0
Call it the SuperMAX, in honor of the types of prisons Boeing execs will be incarcerated in.
Michael Stansfield 0
Maybe Boeing should rename it the "737 Fin"? It has ended lives, careers, jobs, and perhaps a whole company.

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