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LAX Begins Using Self-Service Luggage Check-In System

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LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A high-tech self-service system which could significantly cut down on lines and reduce the time it takes fliers to check their luggage is being tested at Los Angeles International Airport beginning Wednesday. The self-service bag drop system is being tested in a pilot program at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal. ( المزيد...

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Chris B 6
This is news? Used them in many airports around the world.
Roger Anderson 6
News to LAX lol
Fred Bailey 6
There will still need to be employees tending these because there are still those who cannot use any technology.
david fairchild 3
Or those like me, who refuse to use them because they are saving the airline on employee salaries, but I am not getting a discount. I won't use the self checkouts in stores either. Not an issue about not being able to use technology.
Kevin Toovey 4
Do you also dial the operator to have them patch your call through? Those automated switches took a lot of jobs away.
david fairchild 4
Actually I always hit the zero to get a real operator!
Stefan Sobol 2
Bet you take the stairs all the time too. You'll show those people who got rid of those pesky elevator operators won't you!
Antonello Davi 4
David, I work for American Airlines (30 years) and I can assure you we do not set up self check in to save on salaries...we do it to expedite the process so that you are not waiting in line for the next available agent. And this comes from frequent flyers feedback. Next time through DFW, ORD or MIA, look at the counter and I can tell you that we have not reduced checkin positions, but increased self check position to assist you
david fairchild 2
I think AA should just put more staff to 'expidite'. I will still o ly deal with a person rather than a machine
Michael Berger 1
I don't think that the majority of travelers feel the same way.
WhiteKnight77 4
I do not require people to come and inspect bridge pilings, boilers, piping at chemical plants, etc. before they use such, that is what I am paid for. I do not get paid or a discount for self-checkout and as long as I have to pay a baggage fee, the airlines need to check me in.
Antonello Davi 4
someone still has to verify there are no hazardous items checked (verbal - just like sitting in an exit row) and weight the bag to insure that it is not overweight. Nothing new as the majors already have this system in place. And it is fun to watch passengers attempt to affix the tag to the bag.......
Tommy Boy 2
Who is going to ask me if I packed my own bag? Although I always felt that this was just to make us feel safer, not to actually catch anyone. As if, had I packed an explosive, I would throw my hands up and say, "You got the Tater!"
Roger Stevenson 1
Air France already uses a similar system at CDG. It works quite well and is considerably faster than the normal baggage drop counters
Mike Petro 1
Gives you the ability to lose your own luggage!
Bill Butler 1
So, what does TSA think about this? Now there are some jobs we could lose....
John Shafer 1
Flying United cross continent and back. I will be paying $35 for a check-in bag. Will I be charged again on the return flight ?
Jean Johnson 1
Yes, you will. This is why I keep the Chase Explorer visa card. At $95 annually for the card, I will save on one RT with hubby $140 in checked bags. So they get you either way; the credit card annual fee or the baggage charge. You wind up paying one or the other.

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