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United will require flight attendants to wear masks or face coverings while on duty

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United will require flight attendants to wear face coverings or masks while they're on duty starting April 24th, according to an employee memo the airline shared with CNN. ( المزيد...

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aurodoc 2
I think this is reasonable to do when flying. Passengers need to wear them as well. If everyone wears a mask and one person is a virus carrier you reduce the risk of spread by droplets. I am more worried about contaminated seatbelts, tray tables and window shades which I recommend using clorox wipes to clean these surfaces. I do this even before the corona virus scare.

Also wearing a mask helps one from touching your covered face which also reduces the risk of infection.
Sean Sims 2
Can we file this one under too little too late?
paul trubits -2
Thank you Dr.Fauci for your timely medical advice.
Robert Cowling 2
But masks are useless. Really.

You can get it through ANY exposure to ANY bodily secretion. Cough, sneeze, sweat, urine, semen, ALL of it.

And if someone coughs or sneezes in your face, you can get it through the mucus membranes in your eyes! So a mask is rather useless, it's just a 'feel good' measure. Funny thing is that a lot of the medical face shields don't provide any meaningful protection either. Some docs are wearing ski goggles, and others are spending hundreds of dollars for special eyeglass style goggles that protect the eyes. It's easier to catch this than most people realize.
Robert Cowling 2
Even farts apparently. Yikes!!!
mary susan watkins 1
I think this is a reasonable requirement..the airlines alos might think abou handing out sani wipes to passengers,even though the airlines all say they are deep cleaning and disinfecting the still however, is going to take a while before people feel comfortable getting in that long silver tube which is an aircraft,with lots of others...
FedExCargoPilot 1
I guess we really are entering 'the new normal'
Dean Brossman -2
Face covering has been proven to be about 2% effective, so yes this is too stupid. It is however a very fundamental Islamic requirement for women.
Roger Anderson 6
The whole point of wearing a face mask is to limit the spread of your droplets, not so much act as a filter to prevent inhalation.
Sean Sims 5
Will masks prevent you from inhaling SARS-COV-2 droplets? No. Will masks limit the distance SARS-COV-2 droplets travel out of the mouth and nose of an infected person? Yes.

Masks are meant to protect the wearer. They're meant to protect the people around the wearer.
paul trubits 1
Yup! So if you don't wear a mask you are endangering other people.
Robert Cowling 1
It's a 'feel good' thing to do. Wearing just a mask isn't going to save anyone from being infected if they are in an environment where they are exposed to contagious people. The key to limiting the spread, and deaths, due to this virus is to LIMIT EXPOSURE OPPORTUNITIES, not wearing masks. If you go out 'shopping', you are being reckless. People should NOT be out shopping! This is the wrong time to use 'shop therapy' to stave off boredom.

Opening businesses when states are experiencing heightened infection rates and rising death rates is sociological suicide and reckless to the highest degree, masks or not.
ADXbear -2
Stop.... stay home till a vaccine is available..
Robert Cowling 1
It could take 4 years. For people with the attention span of a gnat, staying away from people, staying safe, staying sane, is a tall order. All these 'open the economy' groups are fronting gun rights and libertarian groups who say that people should sacrifice the sick aged and even minority groups. Yeah... It could completely backfire, and COVID-19 will sweep across the country like a 100-alarm fire, and we really could reach 200,000 deaths by July.

This has disaster written all over it, and the political ruling class is ignoring it, and the human cost. It's all about insuring their investments, not insuring the health of the citizens.

But be sure to drink your huge glass of bleach. If there is a silver lining, it's that the idiotic will 'self purge', and that's a good thing I suppose. *sigh*

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