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Did Boeing Build Too Many 737 MAX Aircraft?

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With hundreds of aircraft parked around Boeing’s facilities and airlines not in a hurry to take new planes, you have to wonder whether Boeing already built too many MAX jets. ( المزيد...

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John D 4
I am no industrialist and don't ask me for business advice, but it seemed to me even before the plague struck they were cranking out Max's like there it was business as usual.
It almost seemed that they C-Levels figured they issues would be resolved quickly and easily even though as the grounding wore on that was not the case, but they just kept building them.
Torsten Hoff 4
You can't really blame Boeing for doing that. They had to suspend deliveries while they were trying to resolve the problems that contributed to the two crashes, and it seemed possible that they would be software-only fixes that could be applied after the airframes had been completed.

What happened next with COVID-19 could not have been predicted by anyone, and unfortunately thing went from really bad to even worse. There are going to be some very lean years ahead for Boeing and the entire aviation sector in general.
linbb -9
Has more to do with commitments than anything else. Problems were being resolved but think that one day truth why they were kept grounded will come full circle and find there was a player in the wings which benefited from there grounding.
ToddBaldwin3 4
Who do you think that mysterious player might be?
Robert Cowling 2
They wanted the 'back pressure' to help make their case to regulators that they needed to hurry up and approve the MAX for flight as soon as possible. 'But we have so many planes! We HAVE to have you give us toe OKAY! YOU JUST HAVE TO! *STOMP* *STOMP*'
Chris B 1
I've said it before, but I believe that many of the Max's built but not delivered will never be accepted by the original airline. They will require repainting and new interiors to match their new owner's design.

Don't be surprised if it takes a year before all the built aircraft actually get sold. Not unlike the way some car companies still have 2018s on the dealer lots.

Makes me question the prudence of restarting the production line.
bentwing60 -4
How about the prudence of actually starting the entire U.S economy again. Boeing is but a big microcosm and in no way is the damage done by authoritarian government felt more than by the "small" businesses and the employees they have bankrupted with this folly! Many, many jobs are gone for good and the only "Pol" that I am aware of that donates his government pay is President Trump. The rest are still collecting paychecks funded by us, job or no. And "The Pelosi House" is conspicuously absent!
douglas slotolowicz 3
So he doesn’t take his $400,000 salary but he spends enormous sums gallivanting all over the world on AF-1 chowing down on burgers and guzzling Coke. For the sole purpose to look “bigly” attending his Nuremberg Hillbilly rallies.
bentwing60 -4
I rewarded your downvote with same Leftbilly and remember, President Trump upgraded from his personal 757, that could be in the Andrews AFB fleet any day, by getting 'elected'. I bet the 'last guy' didn't own a golf cart when he left chicago, let alone a course or two. Cheers!
Arturo Caldera 0
what the actual fuck is wrong with the both of you politcal cucks. what you're posting had nothing to do with the original comment thread.
ToddBaldwin3 1
That is true, but I'd like to think we could have more polite language and discourse on these pages.
Arturo Caldera 0
True. I just spent a while reading the last few squawks and their comments. Needless to say it was not surprising, just very disappointing
James Simms -5
Amen. The Senate is present for duty while Peloser & other Dims hold back the House from meeting to oversee vital legislation. Or the House “leader” keeps suggesting crap legislation that does nothing to help the country or people. Only scheduled thing I could find was a meeting this Thursday

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