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Second Cessna SkyCourier test article takes flight

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Textron Aviation announced Tuesday the successful flight of its second Cessna SkyCourier flight test article (P1). ( المزيد...

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ko25701 3
Twin Caravan anyone?
sparkie624 3
Thanks for the info.
Michael Meyers 2
How much will it cost anywhere between 18 and $20 million?
sparkie624 1
I would say that will probably be in the lower end for base equipment
bartmiller 2
The Caravan has been an incredible success. Rugged and reliable plane, with FedEx as primary customer (tho makes an awesome float plane too).

Anyone know the SkyCourier’s TO and landing distance numbers?
bartmiller 2
Hmmm. Textron website says “ Takeoff Field Length 3,300 ft”. Probably accelerate-stop distance. Not bad.
Eric Rindal 2
Twin Otter on floats replacement? Wonder if the structures are there to eventually accept floats? Looks to have an acceptable landing gear config to accommodate.
Jim Nasby 1
I foresee a lot of these at large dropzones in the future.
Iain Robertson 1
As much as I appreciate Cessna's efforts at building a new aircraft in these trying times, the P&W PT-6 powered PZL M.28 Skytruck is certified, proven and ready to go. All it needs is a North American based parts and customer support base. Unit cost is approximately 7-million USD.

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