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United Airlines adds new nonstop flights to four popular Florida destinations

United Airlines announced Tuesday plans to add up to 28 daily nonstop flights this winter connecting customers in Boston, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, New York/LaGuardia, Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio to four popular Florida destinations. ( More...

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Richard Sharpe 13
UNTIED Airlines? Maybe more accurate than intended!

Daniel Stein 14
Dyslexics of the world, untie!
padrooga23 3
Daniel, Ya beat me to my comment!
Frosty1025 2
Google made it happen.
ADXbear 2
Let's hope a vaccine is out soon.. testing ongoing here in Florida
I myself would not take a largely-untested vaccine that was rushed to market until it had been taken by at least 100 million people and some long-term results were known. You folks can be the guinea pigs for a vaccine against something that has a 0.26% fatality rate.
Jim Smirh 2
I don’t like the fact that my chances of survival seem to be linked to the common sense of others...
jeff slack 1
Are the four popular Florida destinations funeral homes?
FAwareM 3
Nah, King Cuomo has that destination covered in NYS.
J Leis 0
We have raging Covid outbreaks all over Florida especially south of Orlando. Stay home and stay away from here. Save yourselves!
canuck44 1
Fortunately you are wrong but lets keep up the fear factor and our seasonal traffic will not suck as most winters. Keep them all home.
a1brainiac -1
Otherwise known as the Covid-19 flight
Robert Spruce -1
OK rules dyslexia!


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