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London City is the first major airport to control air traffic via a digital tower

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Tech is firmly ingrained in air travel. From biometric boarding gates to parallel reality displays that beam custom messages, the process of catching a flight has changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. Now, a major technological breakthrough has been announced in the operation and management of air travel. London City Airport has hailed itself as the world's first major international airport to be able to fully control air traffic using a digital tower. ( المزيد...

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Kevin Holly 3
I knew if I looked at the comments they would be full of complaints and criticisms from the old guard who think that human eyes are better than high def cameras with data overlaid on the video feed, and who don't know anything about fibre optic networks and the redundancy involved.

None of you disappointed, especially the guy who thinks Tesla autopilot is more dangerous than a human driver.

I look forward to the day the entire aviation ecosystem is automated and human error is removed.

I'm sure that will enrage you old timers.
Elliot Cannon 2
Why did they do this? Is it safer? Is it cheaper? What's their reasoning for this?
don stewart 1
That was my thought too. They still have to pay staff no matter what the location.
Robert Fleury 2
If all today's aviation systems were bound to fail, would you fly? Do you think that people who designed the system didn't think about links going down? What if power goes down in a regular tower? What if... what if... radar goes down in a busy terminal environment. That one I can answer having been there for quite a few years. But you don't really want to hear the answer...
patrick baker 3
the first halting stupid step in a newly revealed stupid idea, is a stupid step and a stupid idea.

I trust the eyes and reflexes of an experienced tower controller and a ground controller. No microchip computer program that some folks say is a good idea, an advancement, is either usually.
jmilleratp 6
Moral of the Story: Just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should do it.
patrick baker 4
case in point" tesla self-driving autos. garmin self landing aircraft..
an wuth 5
Except this is just ordinary old air traffic control except run from a remote center with video feeds of the airport - just like non airport atc has run forever. The digital enhancements is just the incremental improvements that atc has been making for decades to improve atc..
David Stark 3
When the links go down, there needs to be a controller present who can look out a window and see the traffic.
JR Lazar 1 don't save on staff, you just move the same staff to another location. what's the point and what is achieved?

Mike Williams -3
Fewer injuried and/or people dead when the landing airplane crashes into THAT tower.
vonerot8 2
This won't be an issue. No, not at all. All these doomsayers... The technology is "bleeding edge"...

What could possibly go wrong?! :)

I'll be expecting the regular pilots to have their swiveling heads and eyeballs on an even longer stick, even more!
Steven Kuemmerle 1
Presumably, this is to save money (why else?) by having controllers handling multiple towers. Hmmm..., what could go wrong with that?
George Pepe 0
I bet there will be a spike in problems at that airport in he next few years. Or its network will go down or something. Something like that always happens when you put new technology to work.
William Ableman -1
When the system goes down, now what?! Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Fool-proof method would be to have people physically there and talking on a simple radio.

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