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GE and Safran tout new ‘open rotor’ engine future for sustainable aviation

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To advance the goal of achieving environmentally sustainable aviation, the jet engine giants of the U.S. and France on Monday unveiled a joint vision that would significantly change both the look of airplane engines and how they work. Their timeline suits Airbus but may be problematic for Boeing. ( المزيد...

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Rico van Dijk 6
It’s an Un Ducted Fan engine with a new name. Less fuel burn at the cost of increased noise levels and no protective casing in case of an uncontrolled rapid deconstruction event ;) it might work on the DC9-80’s, but oh wait, they’re in the desert already.
sparkie624 2
With that engine, it would be great to see the Rebirth of the Boeing 727! LOL, I remember sitting in the Hangar and hearing one of those things land... Someone would always say... "I sure am glad they got Hush Kits Now, Can Barely Hear them!" as the entire hangar is shacking as it goes by! Miss that old plane!
Larry Toler 2
The older engined KC135's, C5B, and C141's all had distinctive sounds. The 727 Whisper jet was anything but that. I kind of miss seeing them fly too.
sparkie624 2
What they meant by "Whisper Jet" was the fact that if you were in the Cockpit at Altitude in cruse flight and head phones on it would sound like a Whisper... LOL
ADXbear 2
Not a new concept, NASA tested this on a B727 back in early 90s.. im not sure what ground that program to a halt.. I saw it in an AWST magazine...(Aviation Week and Space Technology)
JW Wilson 1
UDF program canceled in 1989. Someone miss the memo? I cannot imagine the technology is so different to make this a viable program, but I guess we'll see.
David Kay 1
"Sustainable aviation". Great phrase!
sparkie624 1
A Youtube Article on this engine: I wish they had a good picture of it.
ADXbear 1
I checked, for those that have the subscription, it was published in September 8, 1986, more in May of 1988..
Airplaneguy28 1
Most of yall didnt read the article and it shows
Larry Toler 1
I thought this was oddly familiar. I thought it was McDonnel Douglas that tested this though. And didn't EMBRAER also test this in the early '90's? Or was that just a pusher prop on a 120?
丞鸿 刘 0

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