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AA jet refused permission for emergency landing in Costa Rica

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A "miscommunication" blamed for late night snafu as American airlines jet requested emergency landing at LIR. Tower said "sorry, we are closing in 10 minutes, go somewhere else" ( المزيد...

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Pablo E Garibotti 3
Read the full news: LIR controller was not informed of any emergency
HaraMaderich 2
i posted that last week in my comments but thank you
Denis Briffaud 2
The US did the same to Air Transat in 2005, same old...
Silent Bob 1
I call BS. In fact a quote from the article contradicts the headline: "The pilot did not declare an emergency and chose to return to Varadero, a decision made by the pilot and Air Transat control center ''because the company has access to maintenance staff at this airport,'' the charter airline said in a statement Monday."

The article says the crew asked to land at Ft Lauderdale, but was directed to Miami because customs would be open. In any case, it is incumbent upon the crew to be direct and concise and use international (ICAO) terminology when dealing with ATC, particularly in a foreign country.

Far be it from me to criticize that crew, but if I lost a piece of the rudder and had potential control issues I would definitely declare a Mayday Mayday Mayday and tell ATC where I was going, not ask.
coinflyer 2
Why divert all the way up to Guatemala city and not Managua?
George Pepe 1
That’s illegal. DCA has a curfew, but they have ATC guys just in case something like this happens.
Robert Cowling 1
Sounds like someone had a hot date. My understanding is that emergency landings are to be handled no matter who it's from. She can wait!

It sets a really bad precedent to refuse emergency landings. There are treaties that cover those, and overflights. Some countries, having to avoid their air space would lead to massive delays, but if a country reneges on their treaty agreements, it can cost them a butt load of money, and SHOULD!!!
George Pepe 1
What type of emergency was it anyway?
matt jensen -9
so where's the rest of the story? Didn't hear about any crash in CR- what was the "emergency"
Pilots flew 490km down to LIR, when they could have gone to GUA only 200km from their destination. Something fishy here.
Bob Kamman 0
If SAL was closed because of bad weather, would they be more likely to find good weather 200km or 490km away?
HaraMaderich -1
The pilots said it was a fuel issue but never declared an emergency then continued on to GUA. weather was not an issue, not sure why they got down here. Coriport, Aviation ministry and a gaggle of other agencies reviewing LIR protocols.

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