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FAA says traveler called in fake plane hijacking threats, another punched a woman holding a baby

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In its continued effort to crack down on unruly air travelers, the Federal Aviation Administration announced a new round of proposed fines Tuesday. One passenger called in fake hijacking and bomb threats and another punched a woman who was carrying a baby, the FAA said in a news release. ( المزيد...

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Pecos Llama 4
Regarding the article's embedded PSA video that the FAA created regarding in-flight behavior, something similar played at the beginning of IFE-equipped aircraft might be helpful on commercial flights to prevent at least a few disruptive passenger occurrences; another idea would be to mention prior to boarding (people are usually attentive while listening for their boarding section) and/or departure the laws and legal/monetary/etc. consequences for disruptive behaviors.
billybob snaketail 2
DB Cooper door on all planes
Robert Cowling 2
A James Bond type slide! Parachute optional...
Silent Bob 1
I have no sympathy for anyone making hijacking threats. That said haven't we all wanted to punch a baby at some point?!
Robert Cowling 1
Not me. I give the 'gift to humanity' back to its parents, and leave...
Robert Cowling 1
True story: My family was so surprised I was so happy to leave their kids.

Ahh, I said, I get to wind them up, caffeine, candy, chocolates, spooky movies, spastic running around...

And I get to LEAVE!!! They have to put up with their caffeinated, hyper-spawn for the rest of the day, and night.

I get to go home, and sleep through the night. Zzzzzz...
Robert Cowling 1
I read an article of a guy running late for his flight. He decided the *best* way to delay the flight was to call in a hijack threat.

On his cell phone.

Without blocking his phone number (as if it's permanently blocked anyway).

He was arrested when he got to the airport, according to the article reporting on his brilliant idea!


And he was surprised.


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