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Russian prototype military transport aircraft crashes

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A prototype military transport aircraft made by Russia’s Ilyushin has crashed during a test flight, killing three people who were on board. A video of the incident shows the plane’s right engine flaming out before the aircraft tilts to the side and crashes near the Kubinka airfield outside Moscow ( المزيد...

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Viv Pike 5
Wow, so sad. RIP to all aboard.
sharon bias 2
From flight to crash was less than 60 seconds. Engine fire? Fire suppression system failure? At that altitude, there were few options for the pilot. If he did try and avoid populated areas during the crash, he is a true hero. RIP
linbb 0
Yes it was an engine fire beyond that who knows why it crashed as most are easy to contain that one progressed very fast. AC rolled over and went in vertically loss of control at low speed did it in.
Jan Strömbäck 2
I stumbled across the video taken by some kid calling his mother. The fire was out before the crash, it seemed the firesurpression worked, and the aircraft didn't have that much of an AOA and moved quiet fast, I have a feeling that the fire was hydraulic fluid and that this might be the reason for the stallspin, no control, lost secondary systems as well?
Terence Howell 1
RIP to the crew & condolences to their Families
DB Vesty 1
Would be interesting to view Dmitry Ovchinnikov's video, from which some stills were taken.
DB Vesty 1
Here's a link to part of the video, for the curious.μόσχα-συντριβή-μεταγωγικού-αεροσκάφους-πληροφορίες-για-3-νεκρούς/ar-AANqblv
Torsten Hoff 1
ADXbear 0
RIP.. uncontrolled fire followed by emergency return, slow on base turn, stall spin in.. alot of lessons just in that video,

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