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Cop drone crashes into flight instructor's airplane

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A police drone hit and significantly damaged a Cessna coming in for landing in Canada. ( المزيد...

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Charlie Graydon 9
If it was someone else's drone shit would of hit the fan ! the cops would be all over this !
Doug Parker 7
The time to address the elephants in the room of *the double standard in excusing unacceptable police behavior* and the reinforcing of *no consequences for unacceptable behavior* is way overdue. Time to start and have this hard conversation.

Breaking the law is breaking the law, whether someone’s job affords them the ability to arrest someone else or not.
Brian Freeman 1
You're a little late to the party, Doug. That time got here about a year ago or so and the elephant is now a DAILY topic of conversation. Be careful what you wish for because there will be unforeseen negative consequences of constantly criticizing anything and everything officers do.
Philip Goldsby 6
When reached for a comment, a police public affairs officer said, "Sorrrey."
Jeremy Truesdell 5
ADSB-out for drones would be nice
Soon there will be - its called 'remote ID' and I believe every aircraft over 8 oz, drones or regular RC aircraft, will be required to have the ID electronics on board if flying in controlled airspace. Details are still being worked out, but the freedom to fly will be curtailed somewhat...
bryanav8r 4
The 'freedom' to fly implies that you're responsible enough to know when and where to exercise that freedom. The traffic pattern of an airport, for a drone, is not one of those places 'where' your freedom overrides safety of life, regardless of whether you have a badge and gun on your hip or not.

In fact, having that gun and should be held to a higher standard. But, it will all be buried on page 15 by the time I type this. Rules are for thee..not for me...
Jesse Carroll 1
It works well on the Offshore fishing boats I use! Nice to know where, what, when is coming at you!
chugheset 4
I'd be interested to know the make and model of the drone. Most (if not all) newer consumer drones have flight restrictions built into they control software that limits or prohibits flights new sensitive areas (e.g., airports, etc.). Regardless, it's pretty irresponsible of the police to think flying the drone near an airport is a good idea.
Ron Lorenz 2
Oh but they were doing undercover Surveillance, they are inept!
skylab72 1
New Vs Old... ground all legacy "stupid" drones?
sparkie624 7
Even the police do not know where to fly Drones.. UGH!
linbb 10
Yes and being an RC aircraft not a drone pilot we are now going to suffer from those idiots who cannot follow simple rules.
sparkie624 9
Yes... I am in the same boat as you... I fly my planes at Sanctioned RC Fields *AMA Approved *, AMA Member and try to follow the rules. I try not to fly over the 400' ceiling, but when I do, it is not by far!... It is amazing how these morons who are clueless ruin it for everyone.
Eddie Moran 2
Instructor said they were pushed “back” in their seats. Did the drone hit them from behind going faster than the 172?
Bill Cunningham 1
They also said prop damage. Must have been a hell of a sized drone to be "pushed back in their seats" as well as prop damage.
skylab72 0
Mandatory GeoFencing Anyone?

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