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Huge Rivalry: 83% Of Spirit’s Routes Have Head-To-Head Competition

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Spirit has enormous direct competition, with at least one other airline on 83% of its routes. This is to be expected given the network strategy of the ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC), but it is nonetheless significant. Spirit competes most heavily with Southwest, as we see in this story. Spirit is the USA’s sixth-largest airline this year and one of the few to have exceeded its 2019 capacity. It has 367 routes, based on its schedule submission to OAG, with Fort Lauderdale-Atlanta, Fort… ( المزيد...

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Cleffer 1
Yeah, but do their competitor's passengers smoke on their planes?
avionik99 1
Spirit the "Wal-Mart" of airlines, taking "The people of Wal-Mart" to their freak conventions all across America. Just you-tube "people of Wal-mart" to see who will be sitting right next to you!
Derek Vaughn 1
So would you rather them not exist, so fares would move ^^ on their routes?
jptq63 0
Wal-Mart provides a much better product, clearer pricing, and has much better customer service.... Also, do not generally think the Wal-Mart employees change out of the work clothes for fear of their own safety do to the company making the paying customers angry.
Peter Fuller 1
“83% of Spirit’s Routes Have Head-to-Head Competition” So what? Is 83% high, or low, or about the industry average? It’s a meaningless statistic without context, to wit, the head-to-head route competition percentages for each of the eight other airlines whose schedules the writer compared with Spirit. But I guess SimpleFlying had to keep it Simple!

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