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Electric Power May Transform Regional Airline Business Models

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Much of the momentum for introducing electric aircraft to commercial service is a response to mounting pressure to reduce air transport’s impact on the environment and meet targets for reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. But increasingly, the companies developing the aircraft say a strong economic case exists for moving away from dependence on jet-A fuel that promises significant reductions in operating costs and the potential to make short, thin routes viable with smaller aircraft. ( المزيد...

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Goneracin 1
If this were to take place on a large scale, I can only imagine the massive electrical infrastructure needed to supply the power needed to charge these batteries. No wind turbine or solar field is going to be able to supply the power for these airliners, so do we just build a large coal powered electric plant right near the airport? Seems very counter productive to me...
Robert Cowling 1
Interesting. How do you deal with a plane losing it's charge, in flight.

You can't just pull into a charging station and get a quick charge.

Will they employ RAT type devices to help use the actual flying time to try to top off batteries? And what if the battery packs have a thermal overrun. Do they dump the pack, mid-flight, and hope for the best? And current battery technology doesn't allow for light weight with long life. Is it too soon for electric planes?
linbb -5
Same bull crap nothing new here going to be many if ever years they do electric flying anything more than some super lightweight small AC. Just like the flying car and Uber self flying cars. Ho hum nothing new here the cessna 208 and Beaver are dead now gave up as all they could haul was a pilot with the batties no cargo.
Torsten Hoff 4
You keep dismissing the idea of electric propulsion for GA and commercial aircraft based on the capabilities of the very first examples. By that measure, we should not have progressed past the Wright Flyer and would only be making short hops without passengers or cargo today.

Electric aircraft propulsion will improve. It has already largely replaced combustion engines on model aircraft, providing similar performance and endurance, and eelctric propulsion will find applications in GA and commercial use.

Also, the electric Beaver is not dead. Harbor Air, magniX and H55 are continuing their work towards certification.

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