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Russia aims to manufacture ten Tu-214 airliners annually by 2025

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — State-owned Russian aircraft manufacturer United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) plans to produce 10 Tupolev Tu-214 airliners per year by 2025. Currently, around 2 - 3 Tu 214 planes are manufactured annually. ( More...

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Thomas Francl 13
Get ready for a run on duct tape. The price will double do to the Russian demand.
Roy Hunte 7
I wonder who besides Russia will buy them....
patrick baker 8
look over history to see airlines who seek russian equipment. Besides Cubana airlines, who else comes to mind?
btweston 7
The economic powerhouse that is North Korea?
Dan Chiasson 2
Absolutely nowhere near the volumes needed to support a manufacturer exist for the TU-214 unless very highly subsidized by the government. The announcement is for internal Russian political consumption aimed at the masses.
patrick baker 8
ten domestic industry airliners per year in Russia is a small joke if solving the lack of airworthy jetliners is what the russians are trying to do. From the sidelines we will watch and chuckle at this miniscule move. Russian engines and avionics and airframes may not combine into a viable substitute for airbus/boeing equipment standing useless on russian tarmacs.
Brian Freeman 5
Those will be useful for Ukraine International Airline.
Dan Chiasson 1
If there is a Ukraine International Airline flying TU-214s, they will only be allowed to fly in countries that accept Russian airlines today. So, dead-end there.
the question on this will be who will buy them, and if the state owned airline wants to use them, where will they fly as most of europe has put a hold on travel to/from russia..
Alan Dahl 4
Russia has many long haul domestic routes and with their western aircraft likely to be completely grounded (except many a few that are kept flying by stripping the rest) they will need something to fly. S7 Airlines is in the process of pulling some IL-96 and IL-86 aircraft out of storage right now for domestic flights and I am sure by the time the TU-204s are built they will be badly needed.
Terry Abbey 2
If Putin nukes everyone they won’t have anywhere to fly too
Juan Jimenez 3
Ben Bosley 2
Meanwhile Boeing is making 27 737s per month and Airbus is making 45 A320s per month
Eriq Brandon 1
Wow ten year! What an aerospace manufacturing powerhouse.
joepre 1
They will make good gate guards

Glen Carpenter 1
Good ones...

They can name the new plane “The Moskva” after the sunk missile cruiser on the bottom of the Black Sea. Or the “Kursk” after their death-sub.
jeff slack 1
Think it through, who will fly on them and where will they fly ........... as part of the rest of the modern world Russians enjoyed travel and the use of VISA and other methods to finance that travel.

From where I sit the Russian public is going nowhere that matters anywhere in the world and their economy will not be supporting internal travel because no one will be able to support it from a domestic level.

The invasion of Ukraine remains the most stupid move of the century by any country, ever.
Even if putti' takes Ukraine there will be no welcoming him and his nation back into the rest of the free world.

What has he gained .......... oh yeah, according to this article an airliner that will fly nowhere (relevant).
NO BUYERS ever OK !!!!!
Paul Fetcko -1


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