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Delays, canceled flights, stranded passengers, What’s going on in Europe?

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The air travel situation around Europe these past couple of weeks have been grim, with thousands of flight cancellations, tens of thousands of passengers stranded, and hours-long lines that reach the streets. What’s going on?... ( المزيد...

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Alan Zelt 16
As an expat retired in Malta, I can assure you that what you are seeing is nothing more nor less than in the U.S. Like U.S. Airlines, European airlines were quick to lay off employees, and too late to bring them back on. It would appear that the operative issue was one that the all-knowing airline execs, on both continents didn't foresee the impact that the release from COVID rules would have on their flights, even though the passengers were hell-bent on getting out of Dodge!
John D 5
I passed through Schiphol Amsterdam several times in the last week and it’s pretty messy there. Appears this airport is suffering from similar labor problems as the rest of the world, not enough workers. I saw workers picketing for better conditions. On top of that, this airport is going through a major renovation.
All in all, I got through, but was a little unnerved at the possibility of getting stranded.
SkyAware123 4
uhm, NO. At AMS they have lines going outside the terminal building. People fainting from standing in line for 5 hours. Fights erupting.
Pamela Kinnane 1
Last week I passed through Adelaide,(ADL) South Australia and the scenes there were queues almost unheard of pre COVID. All flights running late or cancelled.
SorenTwin 8
Don't even need to read the story - let me guess, lack of workers? This isn't news, it's worldwide.
SkyAware123 13
It's incompetent leadership. A 5 year old could have seen this coming; 2 years of covid kept people at home. covid is over (mostly) and summer is almost here... DUHHH. MORE people will travel.
Sure, they have trouble finding people to work there. That's when you increase compensation and you definetely DO NOT DO NOTHING. Critical areas like security checks, plane loaders, etc. Just looking at bookings they could have seen it coming long time ago.
Geoff Rowe 7
And this is the leadership which likes to reward itself with multi-million dollar paychecks, bonuses and stock options for being so incredibly smart.
SkyAware123 3
They should all get fired.
Tim Dyck 5
Not just Europe, try flying into Pearsons (Toronto) from out of country. You will sit on the tarmac for hours befor you can even exit the plane and then the caos starts.
darjr26 9
Yesterday I was in a hurry so I placed a mobile order at Starbucks but when I arrived it wan’t ready, so I had to wait for it! When will this madness end?
Mark Kortum 3
Remember the same chaos in the US about a year ago.
Pierre Doyon 4
Klaus triples everything and no one raises wages. What do you think is going on?! Adah!
cowboybob 3
It doesn’t matter….this is all a little programmed blip in the plan to let the plebes mill around freely….more or less….this summer, before the next big(get) lockdown for the “monkey business”.. This is the new normal….
Ben Bosley 2
monkey pox isn't even that particularly nasty relative to COVID, and is spread via close physical contact, so is much less contagious.
avionik99 1
This is just the tip of thew iceberg when it comes to the total damage done by the over reaction to covid.
John D 3
Tell that to the families of the dead millions.
They did, millions fought the government to have a funeral for their loved ones but couldn't even though the were in hospice dying of cancer and not covid.
Mike Mohle -7
Yet the US Policy to still allow MILLIONS of illegals to come into our country, many with a variety of illnesses, including THE COVID, no tests, no masks, no nothing. Just freebies.
paul trubits 4
What kind of bot are you? Russian, North Korean, Iranian or Chinese?
Tim Dyck -1
Save the name calling for Facebook and Twitter. People can disagree without being bots.
SkyAware123 -6
Get your sheepshead out of your ass.
SkyAware123 -8
facts: only convenient to a liberal when it suits them. The facts are right now; little to no difference did any of the measures make.
John D 0
Okay, Tucker.
SkyAware123 -6
You're welcome, senile joe.
Amen brother, remember when the lobbyist pandered the politicians to remain open. We couldn't go into a Ace hardware with 30 people inside but it's safe at walmart's with 3,000 people inside.
christyzach 1
We flew through Toronto, Frankfurt, Munich, Nice and Calgary a few weeks ago..there was certainly delays, but it was the least eventful series of flights I have had overseas in 10 years.

Some people I know were grouching publicly on social media and when pressed, admitted that they booked flights REALLY close together because "they hate waiting in airports" and thus if one card falls, the whole house does.

If waiting in airports isn't your thing, I suggest finding a new hobby.
John D 2
I mistakenly booked a connection that was tight through Amsterdam (65 minutes) and had to go through passport control. The staff there were very accommodating and allowed us to move to the front of the line.
Turns out I did not need that accommodation as my connection was running about 30 minutes behind.
christyzach 2
We once had a 30 minute connection in was crazy, but that airport has fantastic staff who were also very accomodating. But a year later in Calgary, I landed 20 minutes prior to my connecting flight (in the same domestic terminal) and they let the plane leave early...there were 8 of us stranded 6 hours as a result.

The staff attitudes are all over the map (literally) and make or break connections.

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