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No Jab - No Job- Heads I Win.. Tails you Loose

"Some of the injured pilots are “high-end athletes” who experienced a “major decrease in their performance capacity.” “We’ve had some inexplicable deaths at unreasonably young ages,” Hill said, and “an increase in in-flight diversions with one of our airlines in particular.”" “ … if you read through the case law precedent over the past year or two in Canada, the courts have very, very much chosen a side. And the concern is within an English common law system, if we continue to… ( More...

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George Lane 5
"Children's Health Defense is an American 501(c)(3) nonprofit activist group mainly known for anti-vaccine propaganda and has been identified as one of the main sources of misinformation on vaccines."'s_Health_Defense
linbb 1
Yup they walk among us and have little clue what is right or wrong about there statements. Those hurt many people in the long run. Truth seems these days to be really lacking about anything.
Highflyer1950 1
Not a doctor but after 57 medicals for both US ATPL & CDN ATR licenses generally the resting night time heartbeat can lower to 43-50 bpm, low enough to set off intermittent A-fib but most are A- symptomatic. Very hard strenuous workouts tends to tax the heart muscle and like any muscle, it will enlarge slightly. Worth noting that the following is well known: Heart palpitations feel like your heart is pounding, fluttering, skipping a beat or doing a flip in your chest. Heart palpitations at night usually aren't harmful. Many factors, including alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, stress or hormones can cause them. More info is required but no comparable data is shared for pilots who medical out for other reasons than a vaccine. Just sayin’.
David Schneider 1
We have had one million deaths from Covid-19. This has been brought under control by the vaccine. So, do you really want to believe a nut like Kennedy?


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