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ICAO Urges Russia To Stop Dual Registration Of Aircraft

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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) urged the Russian Federation to immediately cease its infractions of the Chicago Convention, particularly registering an aircraft in more than one State. Since the outbreak of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the country has moved more than 450 foreign aircraft to its own registry. Let’s investigate further. ICAO is looking into the matter During its 226th Meeting Session, the ICAO council reviewed the operation of double-registered aircraft in… ( المزيد...

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Chris Muncy 7
The huge problem for Russia will be when all of this war stuff gets cleared up and airspace opens back up, to hey will have hundreds of aircraft that are no longer airworthy either because of illegal registration transfers or replacement parts not certified on the aircraft that they own. I know there is more to that but these are the top two items that come to mind.
sparkie624 4
They will never do it.. they are too busy trying to cheat the system! It is time to Deny them airspace!
bartmiller 3
The Russians have a very capable intelligence and military infrastructure.

It is not difficult to change registration plates and serial numbers. Parts and documents can be forged. So tracking these confiscated aircraft might be more difficult than we’d like.
Ben Bosley 4
If part serials don't match Boeing or Airbus records, they won't be allowed in EASA or FAA countries, regardless of sanction status.
Leander Williams 1
If a lessor decides to repossess an aircraft from Russia, and Russia refuses, can the lessor report it as a stolen aircraft if the registration is changed to Russia?
Rick VanSice 0
Judging from latest behavior, Russia will do what it wants, when it wants....nobody will do anything to hamper or stop them from committing these infractions. Putin is not afraid of Biden like he was with backbone.
Michael Wise 0
Anyone else see a problem here? "According to the Royal Gazette, Russia wants Bermuda to end its supervision of some aircraft, as the Caribbean country still has hundreds of Russian-operated aircraft on its registry."
paul trubits 1
Bermuda is in the North Atlantic and is not a Caribbean island. It is a British colony. Take it up with them

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