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Airplane Seats Could Get a Whole Lot Smaller Starting in November

It seems like airplane seats couldn’t get any smaller, but the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) is currently seeking public comments to determine if airlines should be restricted in decreasing seat sizes. There are currently no rules in place regarding the space and size of airplane seats, so without an official ruling, airlines can continue to decide their own measurements. ( More...

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sparkie624 4
That is just too funny.... the company I work for, we are selling a larger seat and passengers are loving it... Giving lots more leg room for pax comfort and it is a big hit...
david malmsten 3
The entire article is BS. FAA is seeking comments on seat sizes for passenger safety purposes such as an evacuation, not for traveler comfort. Heck, does not even know what FAA stands for.
Michael Pawl 3
My large rear end can't fit comfortably in them as it is. Plus my knees are hitting the seat in front of me.
Cleffer 2
Headline: "Airplane Seats Could Get a Whole Lot Smaller Starting in November"
Article: Congress is looking to regulate seat sizes.

Click bait, much?
Donald Parsons 1
safety first - no matter what the seat size - how quickly can pax escape the a/c in regulation time? Safety is what the FAA has been in charge of. comfort second - with todays society getting larger/heavier from previous generations, airlines should take this into consideration when developing their seat pitch and width. third - affordability - what the general public wants (ie. LCC) requires that the airlines put as many seats as safely as possible in to the a/c - thus spreading costs over more pax per plane and keeping fares low. With less, more comfortable seats - prices will have to go up to cover costs (salaries, fuel, etc.). Comfort vs price - which is more important? With the uptick in LCC's and their successes - it seems today that a lot of travelers choose price over comfort. I choose comfort when flying and I have to pay for it - will everyone else? It's a choice we all have to make.
jbermo 1
Passengers are getting bigger and airplane seats are getting smaller, cars and trucks are getting larger again, and garages are shrinking - more and more people are moving West, and less and less fresh water there is available . . . something has just gotta give!
this issue was brought up a long time ago, and supposedly,the airlines were working on a resolution..its surprising that this article seems to indicate making seats even smaller is still in the works..its a fact that people are getting larger, and carryon space is minimal, so people put things under the seat in front of them,which takes away leg room..the "poor guy" in coach who doesnt have upgrades available or cannot pay full fare for first class,has to suffer..i have flown many times and been stuck in a middle seat with a newspaper reader on one side and a person needing to get up for "the potty" on the they say.."whatcha gonna do"???
Ken Jackson 2
“Watcha gonna do”? I take the train, drive, or just stay home. 31 years in the left seat was great, but air travel is a horror show these days and I can do without it unless absolutely necessary.
Dale Ballok 1
This is the type of click bait article you’d see on the internet “gossip” sites. “November “ is just weeks away!


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