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Airports preparing for biggest version yet of 747

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NEW YORK (AP) — The biggest version yet of Boeing's jumbo 747 could soon be flying into airports that have never seen aircraft that large before. Airports from Rockford, Ill. to Huntsville, Ala. are a . . . ( المزيد...

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Michael Fuquay 0
"Some residents are unhappy about having these huge planes swooping in over their homes" - What?? I'd give anything to sit and watch these birds from my backyard!!
Dubslow 0
*insert 'like' here* ^
garrettgee2001 0
Second the 'like' ^^^
preacher1 0
Maybe not so much in Louisville, but just not sure, but there was another squawk last week about houses and Airports and people seem to forget that in most cases, the Airports were there first. I remember making a comment about Sky Harbor on Phoenix. All that out to East of it used to be open deset. Now it's wall to wall houses. Airports will expand and keep up with the times.
Lyle Crane 0
When I worked in Tempe, AZ, I sit outside during lunch and watch the jets land a Sky Harbor.
Jack Mcgorray 0
As someone that has heard the 747-8 and the 747-200 I can say thet teh 747-8 is much quieter that the 747-200.
mark tufts 0
i would love 2 live near an airport just 2 watch the new 747-8 freighter and also watch the other planes come and go
Budlong David 0
Ditto on Airports being before the house. And also, didn't they see the airplanes landing when the bought/rented the place? I still say, every time I see a 747 landing or taking off, it aiin't gonna make it, it ain't gonna make it, them engines are just too small for something that big. It is majestical!
Troy Raiteri 0
I live under the ILS short final of 27 at Memphis and it's a sight to see A310s A306s MD11s DC10s B777s go over my house and yes i'm talking about FedEx traffic! I would DIE! to see the B748i or B748F! But sad Memphis doesn't really care about it.
preacher1 0
Well, it looks like they are going with 777's this next round. No need to get the bigger bird and just increase the take off weight if you don't need the space.
Toby Sharp 0
3rd that like^^^^
preacher1 0
Well, you must also blame some cities and/or Airport commissions for not looking forward for their Airports and the potential they have. They look at them as an added expense rather than a gateway to their city and a source of industry and hi tech jobs. Failing to realize this, they let that vacant land surrounding their Airport sell to a developer rather than buying it up themselves for future expansion. BUT, that takes us back to Budlong's comment "can't they see those planes landing and taking off"?
Kenneth Schmidt 0
Gee, I thought only people who moved next to a 100 year old railroad complained about the noise?
greenmachine 0
buyer beware. Standiford Field was there first.

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