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11 people seriously injured on Hawaiian flight due to severe turbulence

HONOLULU, HAWAI — On Sunday, 11 passengers were critically injured during a flight from Phoenix to Honolulu due to severe turbulence. There were 278 passengers and ten crew members onboard. A Hawaiian Airlines representative described the occurrence as distinctive. ( More...

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jbermo 13
More clear air turbulence chances lurk every winter as the Polar jetstream seasonably drops to lower latitudes.
Dan Chiasson 34
The headline should read: 11 people seriously injured on Hawaiian flight due to not wearing seatbelts during severe turbulence.
Dale Ballok 1
Richard Sucher 12
Data for N393HA shows level at 40,000ft and 386 kts ground, then at 08:07Z a -3000ft/min drop to 39,450 and 367 kts, then an immediate +2000 ft/min recovery to 40,000ft for a few minutes before a steady descent to landing.
patrick baker 20
saw some video of this, folks flopping up and down and some head indentations in the ceiling. The aircraft is built to survive these wind shear events, but human bodies not strapped in with seat belts are liable for bouncing around the cabin, hitting the ceiling, and getting very hurt very fast.
drpepper 25
Why I never take my seat belt off during a flight.
CapeCodder 0
Wow! Not even when you use the restroom?
CapeCodder -1
Wow! I bet that makes it kind of tough when you have to use the restroom.
bentwing60 21
Tuuuurbulence, it's what seat belts are for, even loose ones!
linbb 9
My thought exactly except for your loose belt comment, it can cause sever injuries due to it not being just snug.
George Wilhelmsen 12
This is why the airlines say "Always wear your seatbelt when seated."

And yet people don't.

Whose fault is that?

Not the AIRLINE.

It's undetectable. There is no warning. But hey, someone flies a few times, doesn't have a problem, so they don't wear their seatbelts.

I bet they will NOW.
LLC69N 6
Headline rewrite: 11 pax hit on head by the airplane …”
Dale Ballok 1
Good one!
Alan Dahl 3
While I sympathize for the people injured in this unexpected turbulence it is worth noting that turbulence like this is not all that unusual. When I was 9 I was on a United DC-8 flight that hit turbulence that was like a roller coaster ride for something like 45 minutes. We'd suddenly drop into free-fall for several seconds and then be slammed into our seats and then rinse and repeat. My father who was with us was a United DC-8 pilot as well so I wasn't all that scared as he said it was not a big deal but it was still a significant thing that I can recall it quite clearly 50+ years later. The worst part was they had just given the coach passengers their meals and as it was a stretched -61 the passengers in the back got quite a ride! We were up front and had thankfully already finished our dinner so there was less commotion beyond the man sitting next to me that ended up with red wine all over his white shirt!
Robert Proctor 9
I guess those people have exercised their inalienable right to not wear their seat belt and have been duly rewarded.
As an ex-wife of an International airline pilot and a sister whose brother is a designated FAA flight examiner until I speak with them - sounds as from their 'pilot talk' that you might be on point.
Gregg Bender 2
The CAT is always out there.
ImperialEagle 3
Since the dawn of commercial aviation turbulence has been an issue. It isn't going to go away. Air travel has become such a safe method of transportation overall that people take it for granted.
It is each individual passenger's responsibility to stay buckled up when in their seats. A flight crew or airline should not have to apologize for turbulence. Those of us from the days of the DC-3 already know better.
wescraft 3
reminds me of my first commercial flight. leaving SFO for MDW on my way to basic training on a united 727. there were about 10 of us from the Oakland AFEES station on the flight. one of the guys got up to use the latrine when we were somewhere over Colorado. we hit turbulence that was unsettling to a newby like me. the kid came back from the latrine and was covered head to toe in his own piss. he had to stay that way all the way to Lackland... poor bastard probably never used an aircraft toilet again.
thanks to God no worse happen
MSU Sparty 3
The COO AOC Hawaiian Airlines said the plane hit a rare AIR POCKETS!!! Whaaaat? The crew flew into or skimmed the top of a thunderstorm. The NWS said storms were frequent north of the islands. The crew clearly saw the weather on radar or visually. The COO should resign for his attempt at PR which is dangerously laughable.
ScottCurtis777 1
And how do "you know" what the crew saw or did? "The crew flew into or skimmed the top of the thunderstorm" and "The crew clearly saw the weather on radar or visually". What stupid and uninformed statements.
Gregg Bender 2
The CAT is always out there. My lap belt is always on and snugged from blocking out to blocking in at the destination. I knew a flight attendant who was caught in the aisle when the plane hit severe turbulence. She hit the ceiling and came down on a seatback, breaking her back and pelvis. She was so badly injured that she never worked again. She was lucky that she regained the ability to walk after multiple surgeries.
MSU Sparty -1
He flew into a thunderstorm
In response to MSU Sparty's comment.
Michael Nitschke 1
There is always a strong possibly of turbulence flying between the mainland and Hawaii.
SorenTwin 1
A "distinctive" occurrence, you say?

Company:"Say NOTHING that indicates accountability."

Representative: "I got you, no worries."
Doug Parker 0
Flight attendant's preflight briefing: “Properly secured, all seatbelts curiously pull back and down. Pulling backward, they help you reach your destination. Pulling downward, they prevent you from reaching your destination.”


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