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FAA To Southwest: Here, Hold My Beer

No sooner had my trickle of Southwest Airlines memes dried up then a whole new batch flooded in like a digital version of an atmospheric river from the sodden Pacific. This time, it was the failure of the NOTAMs system. Shocked was I to learn that (a) so many people didn’t know that it’s now Notices to Air Missions, not to Airman and (b) that a single misplaced 0 or 1 could take down the world’s most efficient and safe airspace system that (c) turns out to be neither. Well, OK, it’s safe at… ( More...

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EMK69 14
Love the headline
sparkie624 9
LOL.. One of the biggest reasons I posted it!
hal pushpak 6
Wise ol' curmudgeon, Bertorelli is always a hoot to read.
David Purtz 13
It was more important to update the name of the system so as no one could possibly be offended or felt excluded by the name of system. This is an example of what occurs when citizens vote for incompetence over qualifications and experience.
Dave Mathes 3
...coming on board..useta' lean in toward the cockpit and say "up on your NOTAMs?" and get a chuckle in return....that was long ago and far, far away..
WD Rseven 3
FAA contractors are retired FAA people so why would anyone expect them to be more competent?
Richard Haas 5
Before walking the paperwork out to the pilot I would scan it. I wanted to see if there was any volcanic activity in Upstate NY. Nope.
Joe Keifer 3
And now the DOT/FAA lay the blame on an error by a contractor. Shameful.
Andrew Hunter 2
Henceforth, pilots of any gender, persuasion or self identity shall be known as MISSIONARIES.
That will keep the wokes happy.
Steven Williamson 4
That would mean they are all working in missionary positions.
Peter McGrath 2
Probably not. Missionaries sounds too religious. The WOKE can't have anything to do with anything religion-oriented!
Charles Ensley 1
When you show up for work to fly a plane for a living now a days, the list of NOTAM's paperwork is longer than the paper copy of the flight plan. Each year saw more and more crap added to it. Really became worthless information for the most part. Airport ATIS info pretty much was all you needed to do the job right.
Dick Porter 1
I live in Hawaii. I was here when an individual hit the wrong button on his computer and a warning went out to everyone that a ballistic missile was inbound, ETA 17 minutes, and this was not a drill. People in Waikiki were jumping down manhole covers. The Governor initially refused to identify the miscreant because he didn't want him to become a scapegoat. I wonder who the culprit is this time, and why he hasn't been fired. This is on the FAA, not the contractor.
Philip Lanum 0
The FAA is in charge of detecting incoming missiles?
I call BS.

Dept. of Defense -=> FEMA - no FAA involvement.

Philip Lanum -1
The FAA is in charge of detecting incoming missiles?
I call BS.


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