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All-You-Can-Fly: Frontier Launches GoWild! Summer Pass for $399

Frontier recently announced an all-you-can-fly pass for $399 for unlimited flights this summer between May 2nd and September 30th. There is also an annual pass option currently at a discounted $1,299 for the year. ( More...

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Matt Collins 8
But it's on Frontier. ;)
blt56 7
Story on an annoying subscription site...

Just go to the source:
Tom Messer 5
Deceptive at best.
michael davis 5
So many blackout dates, so not worth it.
a1brainiac 4
Prepare to get BUMPED quite often
Ron Hanlon 4
I remember back in the early 80’s you could buy a book of 6 tickets for “x” amount of dollars to fly on airlines domestic networks.
Marc Suga 4
I could be reading it wrong but you can only book your flight 1 day before travel. That stinks!
Tim Brink 1
That's how they get 'paying pax' on first... Similar to flying SA or standby, but at least you'd get on before the employees. I would think about it but my priorities in retirement we changed when spouse had a stroke.
avionik99 3
WOW! Thats an awesome deal. All airlines should do this!
srobak 5
you should read the details - it's not as great as you think. And it is also on frontier.
Jesse Carroll 3
We have flown Frontier TWICE, the first time and last time! I'll drive before I step foot on their planes again!
Alan Glover 2
It is a very good deal for someone who has the summer off, has places to stay (or doesn't mind hostels) and wants to experience lots of heretofore prohibitively expensive destinations.
Brian Freeman 2
Frontier would have to PAY ME $399 to fly with them. There's a reason they're the only ones doing this.
Joseph Koko 2
Sounds great if the deal will stand throughout the summer as long as you don't get bumped out to let higher fare paying passengers travel when the flight is full
Alan Glover 2
Says it will be a booked seat.

If an oversell, all are asked to give up their seat in exchange for xyz.
mary susan watkins 2
interesting idea..american tried a similar thing several years back, and it didnt last..if you just want to go from point a to point b with no amenities,it might be great..the article states the number of this type of "pass" are limited however..
N107Sugar 2
Trust me, Frontier will still make money as the nickel and dime you each flight. Bringing a carry on…$55. Checking a bag….$70. Talking to an agent….$25. 20 years ago it was a good airline. Then Republic……….
Wendy Henderson 2
I've never flown on frontier but have heard pretty bad stories about them
flyinokie 2
Remember, this is Frontier. Once they canceled a direct flight and changed it to connecting flights with an eight hour layover which I would never have booked. This was two weeks before the flight. I had a tough time getting a refund because they said I was canceling the flight. "Frontier Airlines, when you are too cheap to take the bus."
Jan Smith 1
Sounds good however they cancel constantly and try to get your money back! Only when you threaten to report them to the department of transportation and better business bureau! It took me 4 months to get $$ money. No thanks
Ken Lane 1
For those with no life.
Gary Busker 1
My wife bought two of these passes for Valentine's Day. I will let you know how it goes.
Ken Lane 1
For those with no obligations in life.
Tyler Ballance 0
I would like to see some of the carriers offer something at the opposite end of the spectrum, something like the old University Clubs that were in the better cities. I would pay a premium to fly with fellow passengers who had all paid a cover charge like you would pay to enter an exclusive club, where patrons were only admitted if, "dressed for success" and where they had real Stewardesses who are really cute and pleasant, instead of some guy in transition or an old menopausal battle-axe, with no bawling brats admitted or any of those phony comfort or assistance animals. Basically, I would like to fly with civilized people who are pleasant and enjoyable company, without the drama caused by the dirt-bags one typically encounters on every flight these days. I recall the first flight I ever took as a teenager. I bought a new sports jacket, new polished leather shoes and a new tie, in anticipation of the flight. On the flight, all of the men wore suits or sport coats, and the women wore their Sunday best. The stewardesses were all young, beautiful and they made flying comfortable and fun.

I would love to see airlines offer something like Club flights, that would be for those of us who would like to be able to enjoy flying again and who know how to behave like civilized people.


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