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First-ever all-female Super Bowl LVII flyover

The fly-over team for Super Bowl LVII includes Lt. Arielle Ash of Abilene, Texas; Lt. Margaret Dente of North Salem, New York; Lt. Naomi Ngalle of Springfield, Virginia; Lt. Jacqueline Drew of Waltham, Massachusetts; Lt. Suzelle Thomas of Birmingham, Alabama; and, Lt. Kathryn Martinez, also of Springfield, Virginia. ( More...

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ToddBaldwin3 4
So what? No reason why women can’t do a fly by. A better headline might read Air Force Pilots Make A Flyover.
Randy Barron 1
While it's good to see women recognized for their ability to do anything a man can do (and often better), this "tradition" of military flyovers to begin sporting contests is just plain military propaganda.

Wanna see military aircraft in operation for longer than five seconds? Go to an air show.
Tflys1 1
And this is "news" why???
Joe Serdynski 5
usually 'firsts' make the news . . . celebrate ! ! !
msongy 1
Here's an idea! Let's celebrate 50 years of being included by.....get this. Excluding others.
linbb -7
Golly gee its a week old news story wow glad you keep up on what is posted.
Joe Serdynski 4
week old 'first' is still a first . . .


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