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Japan Airlines Places an Order for 21 Boeing 737 MAX Jets

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — Boeing has emerged victorious in Japan, securing an order from the country's national carrier for 21 of its 737 MAX aircraft. The order comes as a surprise, as initial reports suggested that rival Airbus was the frontrunner. ( More...

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sparkie624 10
This is good news.. Love seeing Boeing getting the orders!
djames225 8
No real surprise thou. Replacing a 737 with a 737 makes economic sense. Don't know why they were thinking the A321NEO
mcrossbow24 2
I just flew on a 321NEO from LAX to DFW powered by the PW 1100G geared turbo fan. There are some power settings, especially at start-up and taxi that are louder that flying on a C-130. Additionally the frequency of the engines is very annoying.
ImperialEagle 2
Hahaha, We used to say the same thing about the old Convair 880's. Those old straight-pipe GE's had an annoying frequency if you were sitting up front.
Larry Toler 2
LOL, that's a great analogy. Is it really that bad? What model of 130? I used to do flights on the J41. It made my old MAC blood flowing and thinking of Iron Maiden's "Ace's High". 130's going out at Bravo launch at RAF Mildenhall at 0600, my job was done as they are loaded with pax and cargo. What really gets me going is load early get our mission safely.
Jeff Craig 1
Because the Max has had a lot of issues that Boeing covered up.
bentwing60 9
"The order comes as a surprise, as initial reports suggested that rival Airbus was the frontrunner." (

Probably comes as a 'Major meltdown event' for our ever eponymous troll MH370!

linbb 3
Might have to seek help due to this news story wow what a blow to him.
James Simms -1
Ron Wroblewski 1
ImperialEagle 1
It all makes perfect sense and JAL has had a close working relationship with Boeing for may decades.


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