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Onboarding at FlightAware

Joining a new company brings opportunities to work on new projects, meet new colleagues, learn the company culture, and navigate its unique processes. Generally, this should be an exciting and engaging process for the people involved. What makes this possible is a good onboarding and training process to help new hires feel more engaged, connected, and supported in their new role. Recently, I was hired on the Mobile team at FlightAware. I found the onboarding process was not quite what I… ( More...

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21voyageur 3
Is this the sadly needed quality control resource that would take this site up a notch? Let us hope so.
srobak 0
Because open, public discussions need qc?
Jerry Webber 2
I enjoyed reading this. Thank you. I hope you have a terrific future at FA.
LarryQB 2
I used to onboard pilots at American Airlines. You gave me some ideas I could have used back then. Thank you!
Mike Rakestraw 1
Great to see your career starting off at a great company. FA always happy to have an experienced Salad Artist on board.
sparkie624 -1
Welcome aboard.. A Great Place to be


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