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The Best Airport Viewing Platforms: A Guide for Aviation Enthusiasts

For aviation enthusiasts and travelers alike, there’s something captivating about the sight of airplanes taking off and landing. Airport viewing platforms offer the perfect vantage point to witness the magic of flying in action and get a glimpse at the worlds aircraft. We list some of the best airport viewing platforms around the world. 1.Incheon International Airport, South Korea: This airport boasts a fantastic viewing platform located on the fourth floor of Terminal 2. The observatory as it… ( More...

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srobak 3
I remember before 9/11 there were many publicly accessible viewing areas and vantage points in the US for watching. They have since very greatly diminished. Now it seems the only people who get that vantage are ticket holders - and airports are becoming so densely jammed with additional terminals and gates that there are no sightlines there, either.
Apparently they didn't know or completely forgot about the viewing area/parking lot on Sunset Road, parallel to 26L/R at KLAS. That has been there for at least 25 years, and has had ATC fed to that parking lot the entire time.

KVGT (North Las Vegas) has a similar viewing area, as it is a park located on the field, between the approach ends of 12R and 7. Perhaps the writers of this article need to get out more.
Larry Toler 1
Depending on which runway ATL is using, you can see some aircraft on short final over College Park MARTA station.
bentwing60 2
Probably a more likely place to get mugged these days.
Eric Grumling 1
Best GA viewing airport: KASE, Pitkin County. Bike path runs along the apron and runway 33. Really nice bench new the GA terminal. During Christmas and July 4th weeks you get to see just about every small jet in existence. In the summer it's fairly common to see AF Academy cadets building time doing touch-and-goes if you can catch them in time.


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