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Alaska Air 737 suffered partially collapsed landing gear

NTSB reports a 15-year old Alaska Air 737 suffered partially collapsed landing gear while landing in Santa Ana CA on August 20th due to fractured trunnion pin. The plane's left engine cowling began dragging on the ground while taxiing. None of the 106 passengers or crew was injured. ( More...

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kitaq 4
lol they taxiied off the runway on the engine cowling with the engine running? talk about an advertisement for the airframe and for the engine itself.
jbermo 4
Maintenance neglect - as in Alaska's broken jackscrew of flt 261?
Jim Fols 2

houseofgold 2
Are the fixing or scraping?
Neil Ward 9
Scrapping, although it also did a bit of scraping !
Douglas Wahto 1
Don’t discount a massive side load on landing.
21voyageur 0
My guess is owners will dump airframe onto the open market. Fixed and ends up outside of North America. Engines ?????
linbb -2
Yup was reported long ago just not the cause.
WD Rseven 0
The outcome of the NTSB investigation likely will be poor maintenance.


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