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Pictures: Baggage Loading Vehicle Hits a Brand-New Condor A330neo at Frankfurt International

FRANKFURT — A baggage loading vehicle collided with a Condor Airbus A330-900 type passenger plane at Frankfurt Aiport. Serious damage occurred to the body of the German carrier's brand-new plane. ( More...

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ToddBaldwin3 13
I was recently at Haneda and was watching the ground ops while waiting on my flight. I was watching a rampie positioning his loader. Before every operation he would do his 360 check and point at everything he needed to look at. I’ve also noticed this same behavior with bus drivers, train conductors and such.
It’s a great method. I’ve started doing it when I set down my keys or sunglasses because I can’t remember s***.
Ron Wroblewski 2
It's called "pointing and calling" and is used by many aspect of Japanese business and industry to help prevent accidents. It's quite effective when utilized correctly.
Carlen Kirby 6
The A330-900neo is much the same as the A330-300 but has an additional ten pax seats. This 330 will have to be repaired starting with the interior damage and substructure, then repairs to the outer skin. There will be no temporary “tape” for this level of damage. This is two weeks of repairs at best including structural inspections. The down time alone is worth millions. This plane will wear these scars for the duration of its life and will be a permanent inclusion in the aircraft’s maintenance records. No bandaid repair here!
sparkie624 12
I wish I could say that I had never heard of this before, but it is way too common! I have seen way too many items like this that were 100% preventable... 2 Key causes that I see is 1.) Lack Of Training, 2.) Complacency, and 3.) Lack of Training.
avionik99 6
4.) Hiring incompetent workers
sparkie624 10
To be honest, many of them are experienced... I saw a CRJ taxied up under the wing of a DC9 and fractured the wing spar... Forgot to follow the checklist and failed to turn on Hydraulics. He did set the brakes, but no pressure due to pumps off.. Started the first engine and started rolling (did not realize it... Just as the 2nd engine fired off, they hit the DC9! The Biggest Failure is failure to follow the Check List... Both were fired!
mbrews 3
Add to the list number 5) terrible ERONOMICS for driver of the baggage loader. Look at the photo in the article. NO driver's seat in the picture. Seems like the driver must stand up and operate accelerator and brake pedal with their feet. Without excusing the driver - this vehicle design is NEGLIGENT
Peter McGrath -4
Equity, man, Equity!
Please cite the link demonstrating this individual was not…what…straight, white, Christian and male? Is that the correct identifiers to demonstrate causation here?
AndyShank 1
Why be open-minded when we can just make assumptions? Then we can pat ourselves on the back about how right we are! ):
greg mooney 1
Mike MacDonald 1
Maybe the pay doesn't reflect care? Qantas is renown for treating the lower echelons of their staff as little more than slaves.
James Driskell 6
A little duct tape and as good as new!
sparkie624 4
No we can't use Duct Tape on the Exterior... We use the good stuff... Speed Tape! Give it a 50 Flight Hour Reinspect and reapply if necessary... What's the Problem.. :)
James Driskell 1
Maybe I should have suggested Blade tape. It's 100 mph certified.
Alan Glover 3
Tim Smith 2
You can buff that out
Somebody's looking for a new job!
Alan Glover 1
Not in aviation.
robert henry 3
He probably got a seizure from looking at the bright stripes
Peter Craddy 1
The hand-over from Airbus and landing / pre-first fligh prep were featured on videos issued only a few weeks ago on FR24.
john lovell 1
That is a big repair as it is invading the Static port protected area. No Speed Tape there.
Paul T 1
There is still a big staff shortage in ground handling in Germany. It could be that he/she had too heavy a workload and was under pressure. And so mistakes and accidents can happen more quickly.
Mike G 1
So maybe an executive will accept blame and take the fall! /s
sparkie624 0
It will be interesting to see the NTSB report... If they Hydraulic fails, you have a Free Fall of all gear and they are all isolated from each other, so you drop 1 at a time... It amazes me that none of the 3 dropped... Either the crew did not pull a hard enough, or there were much much deeper problems that what we see here.
Wrong subject I take it?
sparkie624 1
No.. Wrong Country.. LOL
That will definitely NOT buff out.
sparkie624 0
True... They will need a little paint and Al!
greg mooney 2
and jb weld
sparkie624 0
Don't for the Speed Tape... you can fix anything with Speed Tape!
Things can be prevented, use of radios , Careful monitoring and observation is crucial around Aircrafts, as crew members do not have a clear visual around them , during push back and when taxiing towards The gate .
Wing walkers ( ramp agents) from left to right guiding the pilots on the ground and making sure nothing interferes
With the safety of jets before take off.
Ramp Management is responsible for briefing, tracking ground movements and training ramp agents properly.
Andreas Herzog 1
Four weeks ago our waiting for pushback to get out of Frankfort! was interrupted by a loud bang. This bang was the result of the back up of a baggage cart driver who hit engine #1 of our 747. So, no flight to Vancouver this day, instead a flight to L.A. the next day. Is it typical for Frankfort?
After our return from Miami last week we had to wait almost one hour to get our baggage out of the plane.
Shortage in personell was the answer...
John Brooks 1
When you have people on minimum wage loading planes this is what happens.
bbabis 0
oops! Gonna have to tell'em about that one.
Oldrich Bezunk -3
Saw pics of ground staff in Tokyo color sorting suitcases! Of course they handle the luggage with respect. Germany is not what it used to be. I bet the driver was not ethnic German...
sparkie624 7
You never will really know what happened... I remember a Ramper on a Tug, Drove into a Moving Propeller of a Dash 8 getting ready to taxi out... The pilot was just released by the ground crew... the Guy on the Tug had a Siezure and ran into the prop... The Tug looked like a sliced loaf of bread.... Some how by a miracle the guy did not get hit, even thought he steering wheel was cut off and the back of the seat was shreaded... When the guy came to, he never knew what happened... The reason I mention this, we have no clue what caused this incident and could have been a medical issue with the driver, or loss of vehicle control in some fashion... We probably will never know what really happened here.
Dale Ballok 3
That sometimes is the reason a vehicle is involved in an accident. It’s not always driver error, or recklessness, as a lot of people will presume.

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sparkie624 14
Please, Both of you.. Language! Young eyes do appear in here form time to time and others just don't want to see it... Save it for the Bathroom Walls!
No comprendar.
Oh well! Accidents happen!
Roy Miller -3
They should repaint it and get rid of the terrible new colour design. Absolutely horrific.


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