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FlightAware, the world leader in flight tracking, offers the free flight tracking/flight status app for your device.

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  • Free download, completely free to use
  • Full-screen maps with NEXRAD weather
  • Track airline, charter, private, and GA aircraft
  • See nearby aircraft flying overhead
  • Mobile push notifications and flight alerts
  • View worldwide airport activity
New Version - Released May 31, 2017
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What's New in 5.3.5
  • Search Results are now sorted by scheduled departure
  • You can now select "all flights between origin and dest" from the Flight Details screen
  • The Flight Details screen has been completely redesigned to display more information
    • More details about the flight
    • Times associated with the flight
    • The Activity Log for the flight
    • The Track Log for the flight
  • The Flight Details screen now shows the airline name and both IATA and ICAO airline callsigns
  • Button Icons have been updated
  • The Flight Summary page has been redesigned to make important information more prominent
  • The Share button has been moved to the header on the Flight Summary page
  • The Airport page has been tweaked to make important information more prominent
  • The Flight Summary page now color-codes times if the flight is delayed or canceled
  • The in-app databases for airlines, airports, and logos have been updated
  • You can now set a future notification from the Search Results screen by clicking the "Select the date of your upcoming flight" button at the bottom of the screen
  • The My FlightAware page has been redesigned to reduce the need for scrolling
Bug Fixes
  • Improve colors for devices with "reduce transparency" enabled
  • Editing notification details navigation takes you back to correct screen when canceled
  • Make changes to update status indicator and text when flight is taxiing or en route
  • Handle filtering the flight board more effectively
  • Return you to correct point on map when re-centering after navigating away from your flight on the map
  • Fix titlebar behavior when Map Layers menu is open
  • Searching for future flights will no longer return flights for the next day if you are close to a day boundary when searching
New Version - Released Nov 30, 2016
What's New in 5.2.138
  • Update databases
  • Force TLS 1.2 encryption
Bug Fixes
  • Fix display of terminals and gates