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The Worst Airport In America

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More than 46 million Americans will travel further than 50 miles for this week's turkey-based festivities, and many of us will do it via air. And while very few airports deal well with holidays swarms, some of them excel at misery. (gizmodo.com) المزيد...

Is Boeing 767 Running out of Time?

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After an uninterrupted 32-year production run, the passenger version of the plane is having a tough time attracting new buyers. But interestingly, Boeing plans to double the production rate. (www.fool.com) المزيد...

The photo taken from an aircraft moments after the WTC attacks

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A photo taken from a passenger who states he had never seen light of it since the two planes hit the World Trade Center on the morning of 11th September 2001. This photo has finally emerged from a passenger in a aircraft on departure from Newark airport. (www.couriermail.com.au) المزيد...

TFRs in effect around KSTL in wake of ferguson announcement

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In the Wake of the Michael Brown shooting, TFRs have been set up around Ferguson, MO to "PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES" (tfr.faa.gov) المزيد...

Air Lingus A319 jet engine shut down in flight

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On 21st November 2014 a Air Lingus A319 jet was on approach to Heathrow airport coming from Shannon as the aircraft approached the runway already descending on its glide slope the crew reported the engine be shut down. This was FLT EL 386. The aircraft aslo preformed a go around. http://www.aeroinside.com/item/4967/aer-lingus-a319-at-london-on-nov-21st-2014-engine-shut-down-in-flight-rnl (www.aeroinside.com) المزيد...

Frontier Airlines orders nine Airbus A321ceo aircraft

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Frontier Airlines has placed a firm order for nine Airbus A321ceo (current engine option) aircraft. This is the first time Frontier has ordered the largest member of the Airbus A320 Family. The airline currently flies a fleet of 35 A319ceo, and 20 A320ceo aircraft. In addition, Frontier has on its order backlog 80 A320neo (new engine option) family aircraft. (www.airbus.com) المزيد...

Indian women pilots soar past global avg

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Ground realities may be harsh for women in In dia, but they're still determined to conquer the skies. Almost 600 of the 5,050 pilots in Indian airlines are women, according to Directorate General of Civil Aviation data.At 11.6%, this is way above the 3% global average estimated by the International Society of Women Airline Pilots. India is also seeing a steady rise in women pilots annually . The last five years saw 4,267 commercial pilots' licences being issued, of which 628 or 14.7% went to… (epaperbeta.timesofindia.com) المزيد...

Future Cockpits

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New cockpit technologies could let pilots use "x-ray vision" and voice activation. (www.cnn.com) المزيد...

Man arrested after sneaking onto tarmac at San Jose airport

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A suspect somehow got onto the tarmac at Mineta San Jose International Airport on Sunday, broke away from workers, and stole a maintenance vehicle before he was ultimately arrested at one of facility’s main passenger terminals, authorities said. (www.sfgate.com) المزيد...

Video: U-2 Cockpit & T-38 Chase Plane Footage

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A compilation of cockpit footage from the U-2 Dragon Lady and its T-38 Talon chase plane as they execute a photo flight mission. The U-2 is the Air Force's longest-serving active reconnaissance aircraft. (youtu.be) المزيد...

Ryanair passengers left confused after plane diversion leaves them on wrong island

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RYANAIR PASSENGERS HAVE complained they were left with little instruction from the airline after their flight was forced to land at the wrong Canary island. (www.msn.com) المزيد...

MH17 Wreckage Finally Recovered In Ukraine

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More than four months after a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, recovery of the aircraft has been completed. The mangled aircraft pieces were loaded onto rail cars and shipped, under supervision of Dutch investigators and security officials. (flightclub.jalopnik.com) المزيد...

Pilot 'paid to have fun every day'

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Guy gives up job as analytical chemist to pursue flying, and he loves going to work every day. Good for him. (globegazette.com) المزيد...