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Falcon Business Jet Crash at Moscow Airport - 4 killed

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DEVELOPING STORY: Not clear what type of Falcon Jet. At least 4 killed although reports of 5 bodies recovered. Reportedly hit a snow plow on takeoff (rt.com) المزيد...

Delta to Wall Street: Don't Tell Us How to Run Our Airline

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Fresh from hounding JetBlue CEO Dave Barger out of a job because the carrier provided too many luxuries to its coach-fare passengers, some Wall Street analysts have turned their sights on Delta . (www.msn.com) المزيد...

Airline CEO & Knight Says MH370 May Not Be Under Water

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It has been over seven months since the Boeing 777-200 with 227 people on board disappeared without a trace (flightclub.jalopnik.com) المزيد...

Pilot strike disrupts 200,000 Lufthansa passengers

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Lufthansa said it had been forced to ground more than 2,100 flights. "It had found pilots willing to take care of 700 flights," Reuters adds. (www.usatoday.com) المزيد...

FlightAware Releases Major Enhancements to Global Flight Tracking for Business Aviation

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FlightAware is announcing major developments to global flight tracking at NBAA 2014, including the launch of FlightAware’s worldwide ADS-B network, additional foreign and worldwide data sources, and the ability to track flights without available flight plans, in the US and abroad. (flightaware.com) المزيد...

Tulsa Air National Guard F-16's Collide over Kansas

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Tulsa Air National Guard F-16's collide over Western Kansas. (www.newstalkkzrg.com) المزيد...

Former ANZ B744 ZK-SUH

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I had noticed this particular aircraft or the former operator air new zealand which was a b744-475 was put on other aviation sites as sold to GE which brought this jet. My sources at air new zealand who are credible have said this aircraft was flown to Victorville and was to be parted out. Below is a updated link as well from a site which has the correct info as well. Its sister aircraft a B744 ZK-NBV was flown to Roswell to be broken up in the resting place of her sister aircraft ZK-NBS which… (www.airfleets.net) المزيد...

Formation takeoff and cliff running flight.

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Formation take off from Stewart international KSWF and formation flight past the Shawangunk Ridge, NY, (vimeo.com) المزيد...

The Artistry of the Gear-Up Landing

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Bored as I sometimes am with Aviation Hall of Fame nominees and Lifetime Achievement Awards, to amuse myself, I'm inventing a new category: Best filming of a gear-up landing. I'm calling it the Oh-S&^t Award and hope to announce it every year about this time. (www.avweb.com) المزيد...

Qatar's Doha-Frankfurt flights to go all-A350 in 2015

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Qatar Airways will soon take the reins of the world's first Airbus A350XWB, which passengers can experience on the airline's Doha-Frankfurt flights from January 2015. There's no word yet on a specific launch date in January, although QR69 and QR70 between Doha and the German business hub will also score the A350 "shortly" after it appears on QR67/68 - making Doha-Frankfurt an all-A350 route for the airline. (www.ausbt.com.au) المزيد...

Top 25 Coolest Aircraft

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What makes an airplane "cool?" Suffice it to say, we know it when we see it. It just kind of hits you. Almost all of the airplanes here do something really differently (whether subtle or in-your-face). (www.flyingmag.com) المزيد...

I survived a flight with the Red Bull Air Race

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“You’ll be flying in the front seat,” I was told on a clear, sunny morning in Las Vegas. My pilot Petr Kopfstein — who was about to hold my stomach (and my life) in his hands — said it with an easy smile, so I responded with a laugh. I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. (www.theverge.com) المزيد...

Photos: Qantas' new business class 'Business Suite' for A330s

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The all-new Business Suite will be fitted to all domestic and international A330s, with first flights from late December. (tinyurl.com) المزيد...

Video: Wild Boeing 747-8 Takeoff

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It's not unusual for pilots to wave their wings after takeoff on special occasions, but a Boeing 747-8 freighter on a delivery flight from Paine Field recently took the maneuver to a new level when it performed the wave just after the wheels left the pavement. (www.flyingmag.com) المزيد...

Russian titanium crucial for U.S. aerospace industry

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Despite sanctions US aerospace industry imports considerable amount of titanium from Russia (www.aviationanalysis.net) المزيد...

Nice Gulfstream 650 landing and takeoff

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Nice landing and takeoff. I like the asymmetric use of thrust reversers when turning before takeoff. (www.youtube.com) المزيد...

Cathay Pacific readies 'brand refresh’

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Cathay Pacific will unveil a 'brand refresh' in mid-November which will see Cathay positioned as a premium travel experience which extends beyond the airline itself. (www.ausbt.com.au) المزيد...

P-51 Mustang Restoration Includes Operational .50cal Machine Guns (Video)

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There are few crafts that demand such attention to detail as high-end aircraft restoration. Millions of dollars are plowed into aircraft in horrible shape, some even pulled from glaciers or the sea, and they are meticulously rebuilt by hand. One P-51 owner in particular wanted his Mustang to go a step further than all others- operational .50cal machine guns. (foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com) المزيد...