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Inside the world's greatest plane grave yards

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Take a look at one of the world's biggest plane graveyards. Most which are meade up of Jumbo jets where they go to die or find another life. Qantas have 21 aircraft already sitting awaiting there fate. This documentary shows VH-OGG B763 inflight on its ferried flight from Y/KVCV njoy! http://www.jump-in.com.au/show/60minutes/extraminutes/3797433719001/ (www.jump-in.com.au) المزيد...

Qantas Flight Diverted By Drunk, Booze-Thieving Handcuff Breaker

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Qantas flight 24 from Bangkok to Sydney was diverted to Cairns on Sunday morning, after a drunk passenger repeatedly tried to steal scotch from the service galleys. After being restrained, he broke through the plastic zip-tie handcuffs. And then another pair. And then two more pairs. (flightclub.jalopnik.com) المزيد...

United Airlines turning a corner with time and improved technology

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United Airlines is improving its on-time rates after a rocky start to the year, rolling out new technology in airports and planes, and ridding itself of smaller 50-seat regional jets that aren't economical for the airline anymore, Jim Compton, United's chief revenue officer, said at a major aviation conference in Chicago on Sunday. (www.chicagotribune.com) المزيد...

Southwest 1704 diverts from KBUR to KLAX with Flaps problem

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According to the LA Times SWA 1704 from Sacramento to Burbank experienced flaps problems and diverted to Los Angeles International for 'high speed landing" on September 20. The aircraft flew on to Burbank later in the day. (www.latimes.com) المزيد...

Navy's Triton Drone Completes Cross Country Flight

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The possible uses for this technology are spectacular and frighting at the same time. (www.nbcnews.com) المزيد...

Malaysian minister slams MH370 pilot suicide theory

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Malaysia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Anifah Aman has slammed news portal Huffington Post UK for an article which claimed the pilot of flight MH370 had likely committed suicide and caused the disappearance of the aircraft. (www.channelnewsasia.com) المزيد...

Atlas Air B744 diverts to Shannon fire indication

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Yesterday a cargo B744 of Atlas Aie registration N499MC was on a cargo flight from MIA to Amsterdam as flight 5Y 5421. The flight crew had preformed a rapid decent after a fire indication light warning had appeared on the instrument panel. The aircraft quickly descended to FLT250 where the crew put there oxygen masks on. Once on the ground the emergency service had to check to see weather a evacuation was necessary. Ther was no trace of any heat or fire aboard. the B744 eventually taxied of the… (www.aeroinside.com) المزيد...

Russian planes intercepted near U.S., Canadian airspace

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wo U.S. jets intercepted six Russian planes that neared U.S. airspace off Alaska on Thursday and Canadian planes intercepted two Russian bombers that approached Canadian airspace, NORAD reported. A U.S. official told CNN's Barbara Starr that officials in Washington think the incidents were related to the visit by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who talked to Canadian officials Wednesday and President Barack Obama on Thursday. The United States promised Ukraine $46 million in nonlethal aid… (www.cnn.com) المزيد...

Air NZ sells luxury jet fitout business

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Air New Zealand has sold its cabin interiors and corporate jet fitout business. The airline has sold Altitude Aerospace Interiors to AIM Aviation a British-based airline interiors design, engineering and manufacturing company. (www.nzherald.co.nz) المزيد...