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Saudia's new B777s to offer full connectivity

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Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi) has announced its new B777-300ER aircraft are to offer Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir services, Saudi Gazette has reported. (www.ameinfo.com) المزيد...

Egypt turns down request by Qatar to increase Cairo flights

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The Egyptian civil aviation ministry has refused a request by its Qatari counterpart to increase the number of flights between the two countries from 28 to 42 weekly flights via its national career, (www.ameinfo.com) المزيد...

Horror at Eleven Thousand Feet?

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Allow me to apologize for this article's ambivalent title, but first let me tell you the story of how I went from cruising on autopilot at 11,000 feet while eating a bag of M&Ms to treading water in the shark infested Gulf of Mexico all in a matter of 3 minutes. I am an ATP rated pilot and use my aircraft extensively for business and personal transportation. On 20 September 2012, I had planned on flying from my home in Houston, Texas to Sarasota, Florida for some meetings. When I lined my…

Theodore Wright كاتب من هيئة العاملين
رائدفائز الأسبوععاشق الأخبارمُستنْفَدهاوٍ متحمسصديق مُؤتَمنقائمة الشرففائز اليوممصور فوتوغرافي هاوٍمُشجِّعإِيثارِيّمذيعكاتب سيرته بنفسه

Malaysia Airlines says flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing lost contact with air traffic control

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Malaysia Airlines says flight MH370 is carrying a total number of 227 passengers, including 2 infants, and 12 crew members. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/MAS370/history/20140307/1635Z/WMKK/ZBAA (www.breakingnews.com) المزيد...

Model Boeing 777 made entirely from manila folders (photos)

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Luca Iaconi-Stewart built a 1:60 model of an Air India Boeing 777-300ER made entirely from manila file folders. You have to see this thing to believe it. (www.flickr.com) المزيد...

Asiana 777 (AAR214) Crashes at SFO - Two Fatalities, Dozens Injured

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Asiana Flight 214, a Boeing 777-200ER, from Seoul to San Francisco crashed during landing at San Francisco International Airport (KSFO). The flight from Seoul was 10 hours and 23 minutes and seats 295 passengers. (flightaware.com) المزيد...

Boeing 744 Dreamlifter Mistakenly Lands At Wichita Jabara Airport (KAAO)

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Flight was supposed to land at McConnell AFB. As of 0247 Zulu, the plane is still on the runway. (www.kwch.com) المزيد...

Happy Birthday, FlightAware!

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FlightAware turned nine years old on March 17th, 2014. In the past eight years, FlightAware has grown from just an idea into a business with over 40 employees, offices in Houston and New York, flight tracking operations in over fifty countries, and over six million users across the world using FlightAware in over a dozen languages. (flightaware.com) المزيد...